Saturday, 17 January 2015

DIY wrapped storage boxes

Taking my own advice from my Last post to start small, here's an easy DIY for you all!
Easy, but useful, resourceful and Pretty!!

With Christmas a vague recollection now, you may have some Christmassy gift boxes, boxes from perfume gift-sets ,an old shoe-box or similar laying around?
If you do, these are perfect for this project!
 If not, this is the perfect time of year to score some Christmas gift boxes or storage boxes in the sales!

I used a combination of all of the above!

Then I used a variety of pretty papers and contact papers to wrap the boxes in.
I carefully chose these,:

Sheets of Daler Rowney Canford A1 art paper in Blush and aqua
Metallic geometric double sided wrapping paper by Lilac coast (Currently on sale at Not on the high street for £2.50 for two)

(Click on the links to purchase*)

By mixing pastel pink and blue with marble and mixed metals as well as the lovely geometric patterns, I am ticking off not just one, but 4 trends in this make!!

I am not going to try to teach you guys how to suck eggs....or wrap up boxes!!
 I trust that you can work this out for yourself!
What I will say is: try to work neatly and use double sided tape to hold the wrapping papers in place:
The self adhesive contact papers are easy: Just make sure you smooth out any air bubbles:

I love how these turned out:

And how the combinations of finishes work together..
And not only are they pretty....
...but pretty useful too: I am planning on using mine to store papers and craft supplies!

This may not be a revolutionary DIY, but it goes to show: Those ugly boxes have got a second life as beautiful and useful storage boxes....
....and I've saved our landfills from a few more bits of cardboard!!
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*I may make a small profit should you decide to purchase!

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ByeMould said...

The Asos box made me laugh. I remember buying ASOS shares when they were 27p and selling them for 63p thinking that it was a nice profit.

A few years later and the shares were at £70!!