Saturday, 8 November 2014

The no-occasion Autumn Party....

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...just because!

There is no denying it: Autumn is here!!
The weather has turned cold and blustery...we even had our first frost here in the UK the other day!
The leaves on the trees has turned to display a glorious array of golden colours, and as the cold autumn wind howls around us, they are collecting in inviting piles on the ground...

There are so many things I love about this time of year: The crisp, low winter sun the days grow shorter and darker, frosty morning sunrises and inviting puddles covered with the slimmest layer of ice...Red cheeks and Little Miss Moo's cold little hand in mine,....the smell of wood burning on a fireplace in the air...
Coming inside, teeth shattering, kicking off our boots and coats, then slipping into a warm bath!
Slippers and pajamas, lighting a candle and snuggling up inside...
Hot chocolate, comfort food and board games in candle light....whilst the rain is beating on our windows!

So yesterday I set up a little autumn Party at the kitchen table before I went to pick up Little Miss Moo from school:
Homemade vaffles with "stirred" blueberry and redcurrant jam...
Hot chocolate for LMM with cream on top and lashings of marshmallows....
Chai Latte for me...(and a few praline chocolates...naughty!!)
And a memory game for a bit of quality fun Mia&mamma time!



This is what the Danish call "hygge" Norway we call it "kos"....
basically creating a beautiful and enjoyable atmosphere...
...making the everyday special !...especially important in the dark winter months!

And with this I enter the NIB November challenge "bare tilsett anledning" ("just add occasion")
You can find more atmospheric Scandinavian entries here

I hope you will all find the time to create some "kos" this autumn!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Amara Interior blog awards

So , yesterday I had the honor of attending the inaugural Interior Blog Awards , hosted by Amara , at the super luxurious Rosewood London.
Nostalgiecat was, thanks to all your support, up for Best DIY blog!

It was a super-stylish affair, at a super stylish venue with a super posh dress code...

Being a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl, I think I scrubbed up well for the occasion...Ha!

I was in overwhelmingly great company, and being nominated for such a prestigious award alongside an impressive array of interior bloggers was not only humbling, but I also found myself starstruck at times, as I rubbed shoulders with some of my blogging/design idols (I wont embarrass myself by namedropping!)

I never had any anticipation of winning, but truly enjoyed myself knocking back champagne...and meeting some of my blogosphaere "friends" face to face was just amazing!


The Editors choice awards went to the fabulous Lucy Freedman of Lucy will show you
The award for best architecture Blog went to Dezeen
Best colour inspiration blog was won by Little big bell
The award for best designed blog went to Lobster and Swan
Moon to moon won Best design inspiration Blog
Best fashion inspired blog was, unsurprisingly Arianna's daily
Best international blog went to the globetrotting Igor of Happy interior blog
Best Luxury blog was won by Design hunter
The award for best newcomer went the gorgeous Sarah Akwisombe
The winner of Best organisation blog was The french bedroom company
Best Stylist/interior designer blog went to the very talented Lucy of Lucy Gough Stylist
And last but not least, the winner of Best DIY blog (my category) was the lovely Katy Orme of  the amazing blog Apartment apothecary


Even though I didn't leave with an award, I still felt like a was an amazing experience and I've made some great new friends!
And of course I didnt go home empty handed...the Amara team had filled the goodies bags with some gorgeous treasures and treats!