Thursday, 22 October 2015

Easy Halloween DIY: Cat eyes string light

Here's a quick and easy DIY for Halloween for you all...
Jazz up some string lights with some black card Cat faces to create some Spookily cute Cat Eyes to set the mood in your home this Halloween...
All you'll need is some A4 black card, some scissors and of course some String lights...

I've made up a FREE pattern for you, that you can simply download then print out on your black card.

Then you just cut out the cat faces....

Pierce where the eyes are indicated on the template (I used a sharp craft knife for this).

Then simply push the bulbs on your string light through the holes.
C'est ca!

I love how simple these are to make...and don't they look great??

This will probably be my last DIY post this year, as I have some big news to tell you all about very soon... but you can see more of my previous Halloween makes in my DIY Tutorials gallery or you can have a look at my Halloween Pinterest board for more inspiration...
...And of course, if you're planning a Halloween party, You should really check out my Classy Halloween Party ideas post , to see my picks of quick and easy creative ways to hold a sophisticated but spooky party...

Monday, 19 October 2015

Classy Halloween party ideas.....

Image from StylizimoBlog
Are you thinking of having a Halloween party next week?
Or do you think celebrating Halloween is a bit macabre and worry a party will be a bit brash?

Personally, I love Halloween, and in today's post I have curated some freakishly stylish ideas for holding a classy, grown up but fun Halloween party from the web...
I've put this post together as a guide to creating a gorgeously grown up Halloween Party....I've got it all covered: From printable invitations, classy decoration ideas, dressing up, partyfood, of course there is also something for the kids...and some gorgeous pumpkins...
Everything featured in this post is either free or cheap to make....AND with minimum effort!

Let's start at the beginning....You'll want to invite people to your party...How about these fun "bag-o-bones" invitations from Mr.Printables? Head to the website to download these printable invitations for FREE , and to see the instructions on how to make them...Easy!

Image from Mr.Printables

Next up, here's some simple ideas for setting the scene for your spookily classy Halloween party:

Image from Martha Stewart
First impressions count for a lot when it comes to setting the mood for your party, so let's start with your front door....
How about making this creepy snake wreath for the door? This is such an easy make, see how on the Martha Stewart website.
Image from Country living crafts
And why not welcome your guests with a spiderweb doormat, like this one? Again , very quick and easy to make! Find the full instructions here.

Pumpkins are undoubtedly THE symbol of Halloween, and a must-have for setting the scene, both indoors and out...

Image from BHG
Displaying some carved pumpkins at the front of your house for Halloween, not only helps set the scene for your party, but also works as a sign to Trick or treater's that there is treats to be had at your residence...
I love these simply carved ombre ones, pictured above, but you can find tonnes of carving ideas and patterns here

Image from Lil Blue Boo
If pumpkin carving is not your thing, how about simply decorating your pumpkins with paint and pens? There is a tutorial from Lil Blue Boo on how to make the beautiful Owl patterned ones pictured above...

Image from Oleander and Palm
Or how about these trendy tribal patterned ones from Oleander and Palm?

Image from CR decoration
If you are very short of time, simply just spray-painting your pumpkins white, then arranging them among a cluster of fairy lights looks really seen in the image above...

Image from Sweet Paul Mag
And a couple of coats of matte black paint looks eerily spooky. You can some useful find tips on painting your pumpkins at Sweet Paul Mag

Image from Country living
If you have some time , and want something a little more unusual....a showstopper, then how about creating a spooky diorama inside your carved out pumpkin?
Find the full instructions how here

Creating the right atmosphere in your home for a sophisticated Halloween party is paramount!
Striking the right balance between classy and spooky is not as hard as it sounds...

Image from Martha Stewart

THE SHOWSTOPPER: Making these eerie ghostly figures to display in your home, is surprisingly easy. See the how to here

Image from Sweet Paul Mag
THE DETAILS: Make this embroidered wall art in an evening whilst watching a horror film, and display in distressed frames...Voila: Halloween decorations you can bring out year after year... See how here.
Image from Ella Claire inspired
Visit Ella Claire Inspired to download these free printable bats, print on black card and cut out....then cover your entire house with them if you'd like....or simply use then to decorate some twigs for a Creepy Halloween tree , like Ella did!
Image via HGTV

Another simple way to add some drama, is to display old vintage bottles with spooky witches potion labels. If you haven't got any vintage bottles, just spray-paint some wine bottles black for that spooky look! Looks great when used as candlesticks as well!!
You can find loads of spooky labels, free to download and print out here

Using candles is a surefire way to set the mood of any party...
Image from Country Living 
Try customising plain white candles by "wrapping" them in black lace for a more Halloweeny look...See how they made the ones above here
Image from Popsugar
Or make your candles "bleed" by dripping wax from a red candle onto a plain one....add some rusty nails or pins for an even more gore-ishly freaky look, like they did in this tutorial...

Image from Stylizimo Blog
Or for a totally sophisticated look....simply use plain black ones, like Lisa Holt from Stylizimo Blog has doe here, when she decked her dinner table for her Halloween Party.

Image via Happy Mundane
Using props ,like pumpkins and candles to set the table for your Halloween party...whether it's a spooky centerpiece or simple details, like the one's below,  will make your guests feel in the mood:

Image from Stylizimo blog

I also love how she's used small cut out paper bats to display in the forks...and I've created THIS TEMPLATE for you to download and print out to create similar for your party..

Image from My Biscoto
Image from Buzzfeed

Here's another cool idea for a Halloween party dinner table setting...rubber toy bats: spray-painted white for a chic look...

Serving up a few seasonal dishes at your sophisticated Halloween party is a must!

Image from My Biscoto
And if you've gone to the trouble of carving a pumpkin or two for your decoration, why not make use of the flesh and create some tasty Pumpkin party food, like the Bruschetta with roasted pumpkin, cottage cheese and arugula, pictured above. Go to My Biscoto for the recipe
Image from Simply delicious Food
And what screams Halloween more than some Poison Toffee Apples?
Moodily beautiful ...find the recipe at Simply delicious food

Image from Sugar and Cloth
And serve some freakishly delicious drinks , like these Ghoul's guts ice cream shots by Sugar and cloths to get people in the party spirit...

So...You've sent out the invitations, decorated your home, set the table and made the party all that remains is to dress up, put on some Halloween Party music and let loose:

Image via Buzzfeed
How about dressing up as Wednesday Addams...just wear black and scowl...
Image from Say Yes 

Or theme up with your partner in crime: Throw on a bretan striped top, a woolly hat and make your own robber mask using THIS free download.
Image from Martha Stewart

Or how about simply accessorizing your LBD with these DIY Creepy crawley inkjet tattoos...Get the free download and see how here

Finally...Let's not forget the little ones...
You may be planning a Sophisticated grown up Halloween Party, but maybe there's a few little ones that'll tag along?
Image from My Poppet
How about making them an easy Bat cape to dance around in? This tutorial from My Poppet  shows you how you can whip one up in next to no time....

Image from Armommy
And visit Armummy  to download the free pattern, to use to stencil up a plain pillowcase to make this super cool trick or treat bag....sure to be a hit for years to come...

Image from bloom designs online
And dont forget to prepare some sweets for all those little trick or treaters knocking on your door this Halloween... Get some paper bags,fill with sweets, then download and print out these free tags from Bloom Designs and attach....

....You don't want to risk getting your sophisticated Halloween party ruined by some little brats egging your house because you did't have any treats in the do you??