Thursday, 24 April 2014

How to:Refresh and transform worn brass hardware

 ...refresh and transform worn brass hardware

My bedroom makeover is coming on in leaps and bounds this week!
The floor is almost finished painted, and I cant wait to share it with you! But whilst I finish, I thought I'd share this simple trick!

We have a door in our bedroom that leads up to the loft, and I have repainted it to freshen it up. But the old brass door-knob was looking  a little worse for wear! Covered in paint around the base and scratched and worn on the top.

Ideally I would've liked to invest in a new one, but as we are on a tight budget, I decided to give it a little make-over!

I unscrewed it from the door, then placed the paint-coated base in a bowl of white spirit to loosen the paint...
I left it to soak for a couple of hours.

Then, using a scalpel, I gently scraped off most of the paint...

Then I used an old toothbrush to scrub off the remaining paint. It came off easily!!

Next up, I got out my trusted tube of "Rub'n'buff" to refresh the metallic finish on the knob with.
This metallic wax is an excellent thing to have in the house, as it has so many uses!
I got this tube almost a year ago when I used it to gild a mirror frame (See the post here)
Mine is in "antique gold" (which has turned out to be a very useful finish), but Rub'n'buff comes in all sorts of metallic finishes!
And one tube lasts "forever"!
(This is not a sponsored post, I just love "Rub'n'buff")

As the name suggests, you simply rub it on...
(I like using my fingers, but you can also paint it on with a brush)

...until you've covered the entire knob...taking extra care to cover where there is damage to the metal finish!

...After leaving it for about 10-20 minutes to "set", gently buff it up with an old rag to restore the shine...

The repair job is done, and the old brass knob has got a new shiny finish!!

Sorry If some of these photos are a bit hazy, but I accidentally dropped my phone in the sink just prior to doing this , and some damp on the lens developed....(Like I would ever do that on purpose) Doh!!

Anyway....You can just leave it as it is at this stage, but I sealed the finish with a light coat of Clear acrylic lacquer for extra protection... 


You can even use a bit of the "rub'n'buff" to match up the screw heads...

A definite improvement, don't you think??


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

ORIGAMI STYLE LAMPSHADES: My pick of the best!

 ....My pick of the best...

(or " My wish list")

AAAAh! Easter is all over and packed away! We've had a great time, but it is going to be so nice to get back to normality again tomorrow! With Little Miss Moo back at school I can get back to finishing Our bedroom makeover!
There is still a few BIG jobs left to do, like wood panelling the wall behind the bed and painting the wooden floor (Blog posts coming!!)  but I am hoping to have it all wrapped up in the next couple of weeks!
Whilst I get cracking with the jobs ahead, I thought I'd share these amazing Origami style light shades...This is the style I have in mind for our bedroom ceiling light!
We had actually planned to use a beautiful chandelier that I bought in Norway last summer, but realised that our ceilings are too low , so that's gone on e-bay (together with a bunch of other stuff) to fund the new ceiling light...
I love the way my DIY origami shade has a soft glow, and think something similar will be perfect for our new look bedroom...
Depending on how much money we can raise, these are the options I have narrowed it down to:
 From the high end (probably unattainably expensive as I cant even find a price for these, but I can always dream...) designer option:
Brass Origami style pendants from Swedish designer Lukas Dahlen

.....To this funky mid range alternative:

"make a wish" origami shade in satin copper card from werkdepot,  £66,63
Or my current favourite: 

"chestnut" origami lampshade in paper from studio snow puppe, £80.13

I just love how Snow puppe's origami shades looks just as beautiful inside as they do on the outside...
Here's another, slightly cheaper option from them:

 the "moth" origami shade from studio snow puppe , £53.14

Perfect for over the bed, as you can lay down and gaze up into the shade... don't you think??

If we cant quite raise enough for one of these, here's some cheaper alternatives:


The Urban Origami shade in PVC from Dunelm mills at under £20...

...Or this:

Paper "pumpkin" origami shade from TwReborn1 at £27.47 (which may even be a DIY-able option...?)

So whilst I work up a sweat, finishing our bedroom over the next weeks, I am hoping my old stuff will make some ££'s so I can get one of these beauties!!

I have a few DIY's lined up for you all over the next couple of weeks as well, so keep popping by to have a look!