Thursday, 9 October 2014


Finally, I am ready to show you our new look bedroom....
....this post has been a long time coming, for sure!

In fact, I started this makeover back in March this year, when the bedroom looked like this:
It was pretty much how it was when we first moved in: No storage, yellowing pine floor and that geerish minty green colour on the walls!
It was messy and desperate need for a makeover!!

Painting over those walls was such a relief...but there has gone a lot of work into transforming it into what it looks like today (WARNING! this is a picture heavy post!!):
After painting the walls in my favourite colour: Farrow and Ball Blackened white, I also Painted the floorboards white, and that completely changed the look and feel of the room!

I spent a lot of time researching what soft furnishingslight fittings and artwork I wanted in the room...
Such as these two, downloadable prints from Melinda Wood:

I had a very specific idea of how I wanted the room to look: I wanted to bring that cool and calm Scandinavian feel to the bedroom.... and once I got started the transformation process was actually quite quick....

In fact the bedroom has been more or less finished for months!
The hold up with this reveal was mainly the installation of the fitted wardrobes, that I designed to look as though they'd been here since the house was first built.... A friend of ours made them for us quite cheaply, and I am really pleased with how they turned out!

When I worked in the film industry, we used to say: 

"You can get things made quick and cheap, but it'll be rubbish....or you can get things done quick and good, but it'll cost you...I guess this was a case of: You can get good things done cheaply, but it will take time!!"

The wardrobe and chest of drawers was finally installed last week!!
Whilst I was waiting (and waiting, and waiting....) for the wardrobes to be made, I busied myself with some other DIY's for the room...
Like the MCM style starburst ceiling rose....the perfect accompagnement to the Origami lightshade from Snowpuppe...
...and the Abstract artwork, just seen on the floor in the picture above...
The old cast iron fireplace got some much needed TLC, when I removed the rust and refinished it.
The fireplace and the bed, both being black, was the basis of the look I was going for, and
I decided on supplementing  the predominent white and grey color scheme with subtle touches of mint, inspired by the Snowpuppe lampshade, and flashes of copper!!
I adore this colour combination...especially in this room as it changes in the light at night, and turns into a very cosy space!
The mirror is from Dunelm mills, but I spray-painted it black to fit in with my decor... and The folk art stars is another DIY...
I also made these copper wire cagelights to go on either side of the bed, as night lights...

...and they give such a nice warm glow with the retro industrial Edison-style bulbs..

I also mounted a copper wire basket onto the wall beside the bed to keep books and my phone in at night, as there was limited space for a bedside cabinet since we cut back the wall behind the bed to make more space for the chest of drawers

The little magazine rack/sidetable is a recent make that I will share with you all in my next post

Cutting back this wall has made the space in the corner more accessible and lovely:

I mounted some IKEA honefoss mirrors on the wall, as I loved how they not just tapped into the geometric style that I love, but also the copper!

Here's another late addition to the room, a piece of driftwood mounted on the wall for hanging necklaces from...

I love the little nook next to the bed!!

The artwork above the bed is the "batcat" from Lovedales studio and a limited edition Plakat from Sirlig....and I adore them both!!

We put up wood panelling on the wall behind the bed, to get that Scandinavian feel I long for!

I also have to mention the Linen bedding from H&M, a luxurious but inexpensive treat!! And it matches my Linen curtains, also from H&M....both the perfect color match for my gray walls!!

The geometric sheer voiles and the lightchain are both from Ellos, and unfortunately not yet available here in the UK (thanks mum!!)

As is the bedcover....
The Big artwork on the wall is another DIY, using just blackboardpaint and chalk

So, I finally got my bedroom all sorted, and can now fully concentrate on my living room update...I am nearly there...just a few more finishing touches and projects to do!!

And I can't believe it: that actually means that I have done everything on my list of home improvements that I had planned at the beginning of the year....and then some!!
I am feeling rather pleased with myself!!

Monday, 6 October 2014

marble vases...


But first a happy announcement:
Nostalgiecat has, thanks to all you faboulous support, made the shortlist for best DIY blog in the Amara Interior Blog Awards!
I am so happy, words can not describe....
...thank you so much to everyone that's voted for me!!

amara interior blog awards

...on with the "show":

Today I am sharing a super easy way to tap into the marble trend for your home!

All you need is some old/cheap vases and/or glasses, some marble contact paper and scissors!
Simply cut a piece of the marble contact paper to fit your vase/glass and stick it on....making sure to smooth out any air-bubbles as you go!

That's it!

I used an old nutella jar and made a marbled tea-light votive...

I can think of a million (ahem, slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean...) other uses for the remaining marbled contact paper on my this space!!

So simple, yet so effective!!
There are lots of different color variations of marble contact paper, as the link above will show you, so the possibilities are endless...not just vases...think boxes, trays....even the surface of a bookshelf or sideboard! Get creative!!

Have a great day people!