Monday, 6 October 2014

marble vases...


But first a happy announcement:
Nostalgiecat has, thanks to all you faboulous support, made the shortlist for best DIY blog in the Amara Interior Blog Awards!
I am so happy, words can not describe....
...thank you so much to everyone that's voted for me!!

amara interior blog awards

...on with the "show":

Today I am sharing a super easy way to tap into the marble trend for your home!

All you need is some old/cheap vases and/or glasses, some marble contact paper and scissors!
Simply cut a piece of the marble contact paper to fit your vase/glass and stick it on....making sure to smooth out any air-bubbles as you go!

That's it!

I used an old nutella jar and made a marbled tea-light votive...

I can think of a million (ahem, slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean...) other uses for the remaining marbled contact paper on my this space!!

So simple, yet so effective!!
There are lots of different color variations of marble contact paper, as the link above will show you, so the possibilities are endless...not just vases...think boxes, trays....even the surface of a bookshelf or sideboard! Get creative!!

Have a great day people!

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