Friday, 1 August 2014

Happiness is.....

....what you make it!
(and discovering a new favorite!)

Ooooh! I've got a new favorite shop!!

With bright and airy images of edgy and modern interior design, with shots of rusticness thrown into a palette of soft pastels in a monochrome world, BODIEandFOU epitomizes Scandinavian interiors ...with a french twist!!...Just the perfect combination!!

Their blog is just beautiful, but also it's worth following their instagram feed!

One of the things I love about BODIEandFOU is that their range and ethos is conducive to creativity...
Karine Kong ,the founder of B&F says: "I aim to create homes, interiors and workspaces with happy vibes. Places that make people feel good, that inspire them to be creative". 
This ethos is evident in all their range, but maybe particularly in the B&F collection of prints!

So a  few weeks ago when Karine challenged people to jazz up the beautiful Bodie and Fou  natural basket in a creative way , for a chance of winning back the cost of the basket + one of their fabulous prints...

....Of course I HAD to do this!!

I thought about using paint to adorn my basket with some geometric shapes, or even some kind of graphic wording....but in the end I considered the baskets beautiful shape, and decided to keep the decoration subtle, letting the shape speak for itself:
I  used embroidery thread and simply stitched a herringbone pattern in shades of mint (to suit my bedroom decor) along the edges of the basket...
I love the way it turned out...and it adds a nice beachy/summery feel to my bedroom!!

Now I've just got to wait and see if I win...

....and if I do: It is hard to choose between the B&F collection of Black and White prints....
But I think maybe the one above...??
Wish me Luck!!

NOTE! This is NOT a sponsored post, but rather a homage to a shop that "speaks" to my sense of interior style!
If you, like me, love Scandinavian will love Bodie and I had to share this with you all!!

Next week I will be back with another(!!) home-makeover reveal!
This time our little hallway has had the "Nostalgiecat" treatment...with a new DIY project!!

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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

DIY Jar labels

using waterslide decals

Today I wanted to share with you all how I made these labels for my glass storage jars!
Reminiscent of  these "designer glass storage jars" from J by Jasper Conran, but for a fraction of the price!!
I bought some cheap storage jars from ASDA ,designed my own label that I applied , and I think they look great, dont you??

Apart from some cheap glass storage jars, you will also need some special paper called "waterslide decal paper". You can purchase this in any good office supply shop for around £10 (You'll have loads left over after this project for future use!!) There are several brands of this type of paper on the market, so make sure you purchase one that is compatible with your printer! I used Lazertran Waterslide Decal Paper.

And you will of course need your label designs:
You can download my labels here .... OR you can create your own: I used Picmonkey's design tool: Choose a font (You can find a similar font to the one I used to download for free here ) and design your own labels! 


Save to your computer, and print it out on the decal paper

When printing , please ensure you print on the correct side of the paper and use the printer settings recommended for the brand of decal paper you are using!

Leave your printed labels for about 1/2 n hour to let the ink settle!

Now you are ready to apply your labels to your storage jars!

Cut out your labels (Please ensure they are all the same size and cut them out neatly!!)
Place the label(s) in a bowl of water for about 1 minute....

Apply, face down to your glass jar(s). Move around until you are happy with the positioning and smooth down any air-bubbles using your fingers, then slide off the backing paper!

Leave to dry!!

C'est ca!
I love the way these simple labels make these cheap storage jars look like expensive designer ones!They look good enough to display...don't you think??
And of course, by keeping your cupboard essentials in these labelled jars, you will save cupboard space!
(and if you are anything like me, you need all the cupboard space yo can get!!....I think maybe its time for another clear out!! LOL:))