Saturday, 31 January 2015

DIY tribal wall rug

After exploring the unconventional trend of  using rugs as wall art in my previous post, I am today sharing how you can make your very own tribal patterned rug!

Wether you'd like to make one for an awkward floor space, where regular rugs don't quite fit, or you'd like to make one to fill a big blank space on your wall, this is an easy and cheap way to get in on the trend!

In fact it is so easy that I've made two this week: One for my living room wall and one for the landing at the top of our stairs!

And apart from being able to visualize and create a pattern you love, there is not really any skills required!

You will need:
calico canvas/ heavy cotton material
Sewing machine and thread
Pencil and eraser
Marker Pen (You may need more than one!!)
Ruler(Or something else long and straight) and tape measure

Anti slip mat and Spray adhesive to make a floor rug (+fabric protector)
Heavy duty sticky velcro to make a wall hanging

I used the same technique making both, here's how:

Cut the Canvas to the size you want, adding a couple of centimeters to the measurements either side.
Then fold and iron the edges of the fabric...

I found that the best way to insure that the canvas was straight, was to iron a fold along one side , then, measuring the width as I went when Ironing the fold on the opposite side.
Stitch the edges on a sewing machine....if you haven't got one . you can always use some hemming web to iron into the folds (just an afterthought on my behalf!! LOL)

Next up, it's time to get creative with the pattern!

Use my pinterest boards RUGS and TEXTURE FOR WALLS for inspiration.

Use a pencil to sketch up your pattern onto the canvas.

I found it helpful to draw up a grid first, marking out the center lines both lengthwise and width-wise.
Then I used my ruler and tape measure to ensure the pattern would be (at least semi-) symmetrical!
Start at the ends of the canvas and work your way towards the middle, drawing up zig-zags, dots, lines....any sort of pattern that appeals to you! 
 For that tribal look, keep it geometrical!

When you are happy with your pattern, put something underneath to protect your surfaces, then using a marker pen (You may need more that ones will do fine!) and trace over your pattern ,filling in any larger areas as you go! 
If you'd like a really neat finish, use a ruler to make your lines straight.... I didn't as I think the small imperfections of a slightly wobbly line here and there adds to the "tribal" look!!

When you have traced over your entire pattern with marker pen(s) use a rubber to gently erase any pencil marks, the hoover up the rubber crumbs!!

If you'd like to hang your finished "canvas-rug" on the wall, get some heavy duty sticky velcro, then simply stitch it onto the top of your canvas, either by hand or with a sewing machine:

Then simply stick it onto your wall!

I love how mine turned out! It fills that big space over my bookshelves in my living room beautifully!

Turning your canvas into a floor rug:

This is so easy: Just get some anti slip rug underlay, and cut it to size:
Turn your canvas, so the back is facing up.
Then use some spray adhesive (heavy duty carpet ones are great) and apply to the Anti slip only!
Leave for a couple of minutes before positioning it onto the canvas.

Turn the canvas rug around again, and use your hands to smooth out any creases and ensure good adhesion between the canvas and the anti slip!

I would recommend that you protect the canvas with some fabric protection spray if using it as a floor rug...but you can always just peel the anti slip off and chuck the canvas in the washing machine should it get too should hold up fine although you may find that the marker pen will fade slightly (and the canvas could shrink a little), but you can always re-trace the pattern again...
Then just iron and re-apply the anti slip!

I think half the beauty of these are the imperfections and the variations in the coverage of the marker pen! Maybe you disagree? (In which case you could always invest in some proper fabric paint for a more even finish!)

And I love how I've finally got a rug that fits that awkward space at the top of our stairs perfectly!
No more stumbling in small rugs!!
And the Anti slip makes it lay beautifully and feel soft under foot!!

It took me 1 day to make the two of them, and cost me less than £30 for both....and I still have lots of canvas and spray adhesive/fabric protector left for future projects!

Of course you can use this technique to create any sort of pattern you'd like, and you can always use other colors as well....whatever suits you! In fact, if you don't fancy drawing up your own patter you could just buy some heavy upholstery patterned fabric (like this ikat print) to make your own rug by simply adding an anti slip mat!

What do you think??

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Interior trend: Rugs on walls

Image via temple and webster

Never underestimate the power of the rug!
A good rug can transform a room from good to great.
And this year the rug is taking center place like never before!
And as I reported in my trend report for 2015, creative use of conventional home decor, like rugs, is huge this year: And Interior stylists and designers are taking the rugs up off the floors and using them as art for the walls, as seen at ferm living , below!

I've mentioned the importance of adding texture to your interior decor before,in my post about Abigail Ahern's Design-ometer ,and adding a great rug is an great way to do this...
But hanging it on the wall will emphasize the effect even further!
And why not?

Image from Love adorned

With the current trend in rugs taking a step beyond the structured geometric patterns from the past few years, into more abstract and bohemian styles, like the tribal weavings of Afganistan,Marocco, Turkey and Iran in the form of beautiful vintage Kilim ,Beni Ourain or Boucherouite rugs, it's no wonder the humble rug has been elevated to become art on our walls:

                           Image from Beklina                             

"The charm of  a rug woven on looms long lost is that it represents a style of weaving, and unique dyeing techniques, that have changed over time.  As with our admiration for vintage furniture, we  appreciate the craftsmanship, and the artistic integrity of an era more as time passes"*
Bob Cadry (of Cadrys rugs)

(*Quote from Temple and Webster)

Image from design sponge

I love the flawed and asymmetric patterns, the textures of the various materials used and the vibrant colours , and I dream of owning one of these unique and beautiful I would most certainly hang it on my wall as a statement...But they also come with a hefty price-tag, as can be expected for genuine vintage artisan products like these! So for now I can only dream on!

Image from house doctor

The Good news is, that there are lots of more budget friendly alternatives out there that all tick this trend of tribal geometric patterns. And even flat woven , printed ones, like these above, from House doctor , will look stunning when hung on the wall!
It is a bit like when you frame a child's drawing; it instantly looks better!!

  Image from  ferm living

Even the most basic patterned rug will be elevated to a piece of art when hung on the wall:

                       Image from Urban outfitters

This is all about rethinking the purpose of the rug, and adding a touch of the unexpected....all part of getting creative with your interiors: As long as YOU love it, it will work!!

Image from artist Caroline Z Hurley's apartment as featured in  rue mag

Not only is this a great way to add some texture and/or color to your walls, but using rugs as wall hangings is a cost effective way to cover large blank surfaces in one fail-safe swoop + it packs a punch as far as making a design statement in your interiors! + it's got sound proofing and insulating purposes (may need more of this when your teen wants to be a rock star??!!LOL)

Image via Pinterest

Of course, for all intents and purposes, it doesn't  HAVE to be a rug, It could of course be a purpose made wall hanging or even a throw or a sari??! I love the look of Moroccan wedding blankets, as seen in the image above. See more ideas for adding texture to your walls here.

Image from Urban Outfitters

I am in love with this trend, as I think it works on so many levels + gives great scope for personalizing your home! I am also a huge fan of the ethnic and tribal patterned rugs currently trending (You can visit my pinterest board rugs to see why!!)
It reminds me of the traditional Norwegian heirloom wall-hangings my mum has (I will show you some time!!), so I guess it's in my blood!

I will most definitely be looking out for cheap and/or second hand rugs that I can hang on my walls in the future...I'd like to get a big pile of them, so that I can alternate my rugs on the floor with Rugs on my walls!! Pretty, practical and resourceful....whats not to love!!

Image via Pinterest

But as I am an impatient sort of girl, I have been spending this week making my own!!
YUP! I've made some DIY rugs, and I will show you how in my next post!
And don't worry, although I've finally taken up weaving(YAY!!) there is not a loom in sight: This is another Easy DIY that anyone can do....I promise!!
So do pop back on Saturday to see how YOU can make your own tribal-inspired rug, weather you'd want to hang it on your walls or not!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

BEN UYEDA's coffee scapes

Today I wanted to introduce you all to a great inspiration to me: Ben Uyeda!

Ben Uyeda is a designer, lecturer, and entrepreneur focusing on the field of affordable and sustainable design!
He is also the main man behind home made modern

HomeMade modern is an online design source that publishes easy-to-follow DIY recipes for creating modern and stylish home furnishings. 
If you've not checked it out yet, you should!
HMM is full of creative ideas for making affordable alternatives to pricey designer home goods and cheap, plastic and particle-board junk! 

HomeMade Modern's goal is to inspire and encourage people to create heirloom quality goods with naturally durable materials and showing people how to make sturdy furnishings made from real materials like solid wood, concrete and steel

Ben is a genius, often using unusual solutions, like using lego bricks and other household objects to create moulds used to cast up concrete for some of his creations! Ben has been a huge inspiration to me, and today , as a way of introduction, I want to show you his first 3 projects in his #coffeescape series:

Lego mould concrete coffee maker
copper coffee maker
Pipe coffee maker

How cool are these??
I will be making one of these for sure, just need to decide which one!

Apart from materials like wood, concrete, copper and pipes , the basis for Ben's coffee scapes are the glass filter funnel!
Head on over to HomeMade modern for Ben's tutorials on how to make these + a huge amount of other gorgeous projects you can make for your home: From furniture to decorative home accessories with a modern flavor!!