Friday, 4 July 2014

Kitchen cupboard update: DIY diamond cement cupboard knobs

...DIY diamond cement cupboard knobs

My kitchen makeover is nearly complete....just adding the finishing touches!
Today I want to show you how I've made these Diamond shaped cement cupboard knobs to update my kitchen units! They are easy to make, (if not a little time consuming) and adds a modern twist to my new look kitchen!
The only hard part of this, is to fold as many paper origami moulds as you need!!
I have even made you a downloadable PDF pattern.

You will need:

My downloadable PDF diamond  pattern
Glossy cardstock
Rapid setting Cement (or concrete)
Plastic container for mixing up the cement
 mixing sticks
Drill with suitable drill-bit
Clear spray varnish
2 part epoxy adhesive

 concrete diamond template
 Download the template here


# Print out the template on glossy cardstock (You can adjust the size on your printer if needed, but I think this size was perfect for my kitchen cupboard knobs) Print out as many as you will need.
# Cut out the templates
#Use your scalpel to carefully score (take care not to cut through the paper) the perforated lines to make the folding a LOT easier!! (this may be easier to do before you cut out the templates)
#Fold (I forgot to put perforated lined on the little "disk" that goes on the top of the diamond, so please remember NOT to cut this part away, but fold it)
#Tape the diamond shape together using small strips of tape....The little "flaps" go on the outside!! Make sure you cover the whole diamond with tape: this will strengthen the paper mould and help waterproofing the paper!

Depending on how many you need, this process will take some get comfortable, put some music on and make yourself a coffee!!


When you have finished making all your paper diamond moulds, give yourself a pat on the back!! The hard work is done....the next step is easy!!


Mix up your cement in a plastic container...aim for the consistency of yoghurt: Not too runny, but still pourable! Carefully fill each mould with the cement quickly, as the rapid-setting cement sets fast!!  Gently tap each mould as you go, to shake loose any air-bubbles from the surface!
After a couple of minutes you will need to top up each mould to make the back of your diamonds level, as the paper will soak up some moisture from the cement mix, causing the level to sink a little!!
Use your mixing stick to carefully skim off any excess cement-mix!!

Leave to set according to the instructions on your cement mix!

# The cement mix I used set within 20 minutes! I then peeled all the paper off, revealing my diamonds!!
#Whilst the cement was still in this early stage of curing (and still quite soft) I drilled a hole in the middle at the back of each diamond (taking care not to drill all the way through). This is for the screw to attach to the cupboards, so choose a drill-bit with a similar diameter as your screws!!
(I used the old screws already attached to my kitchen units, left by the old hardware, but you can of course buy new ones if they are no longer present)
#Use your scalpel to shave off any lumps and bumps on your cement diamond...especially at the back (as you'll want your new cement diamond cupboard knobs (hi hi...that word gets me every time: childish, I know!!) to sit flush on your kitchen units!!)

Now leave them all to fully cure overnight!!

To seal the surface of your cement diamonds, I used a clear spray lacquer....but a watered down PVA mix will work as well!!


 I used a two-part epoxy adhesive to attach my knobs(...there I go again!! get a grip June!!LOL) to my kitchen cupboards! Epoxy adhesive is great for  creating a strong bond between different materials, in this case cement and a metal screw!!
Mix it together, and drizzle some in to the hole in the back of your diamonds, then screw them onto your cupboards!!

Its no secret that I love concrete and cement, but I REALLY  love how these look in my new style kitchen!! I love the modern Diamond shape and  think they go perfectly with the metro tiles/grey grout combo!!
 Here's a sneaky peek of my new look kitchen:

Looks nice and fresh, hey??
I had never done tiling before, but I am very pleased with how it's turned out!! All the hard work is done now, I even resurfaced the wooden workbench (post coming soon!!)
So now it's just the FUN bits left, like lighting (See my previous post here ), accessories and other details left!! So the big reveal is coming soon!!
I hope you like my Cement diamond cupboard knobs (Alright...that's enough now!!)
Any questions, please leave a comment below!


Bethan Thomas said...

WOW! This is such a great idea.

Beth x

Alina said...

This is so clever, I love this idea. Personal and unique! x

june olsen said...

Thanks Alina and Bethan!

Alexis Middleton said...

These are SUPER cool, and I love the new look on the site too. :)

Ashley Mayes said...

These are amazing! Love them. Pinning. Saw your feature at The Makers!

brikhouse2 said...

I would not suggest using epoxy to attach these as you will ruin your cabinets if you wish to remove them. A good idea would be to drill a larger whole for a nut to fit into and epoxy that nut in place and then you can thread the screw into the nut and it will be secure without being permanent.

june olsen said...

Thanks Alexis! Pleased you like the new blog design! Thanks for featuring me at the Makers!! xxx

june olsen said...

Thanks Ashley! Really pleased you've stopped by!! xxx

june olsen said...

Why didn't I think of that Brikhouse2??!! Doh!! Great suggestion!! Thank you for your input!!xxx

Abel Smith said...

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