Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Been thinking about kitchen lighting...My pick of the best industrial style spotlights

...My pick of industrial style spotlights

So, I'm halfway there with the kitchen redecorating, and have started thinking about the finishing touches. As the budget is super tight on this one, I am having to prioritize!  Most pressingly we need to sort out the kitchen lighting!! Good task lighting in the kitchen is essential, and as most of our spotlights are not working, and the ceiling spotlight is both ugly and out of order, this is one thing we need to spend some money on!!
I really have my heart set on industrial style lighting in my new look kitchen...
So, I have been trawling the web for the best of industrial style spotlights, and thought I'd share my finds with you in this post...
Ranging from the outrageously expensive (I admit it: I am a hopeless dreamer!!) to the affordable budget options (Hello reality!!)

From the top:

  I adore that boxed in spotlight at the top from Wayfair, but it is (unfortunately) way out of my price range...I was hoping to find some mid range priced spotlights to show you, but found nothing that took my fancy( go figure??) However, there was loads of affordable options to be found, and I eventually whittled it down to the last 3: I love that ceramic spotlight from John Lewis, but not sure whether it is "industrial" enough for me!!?? I think I am going to go for the Dar Osaka spots as they fit the style I want, but also have the same shape as our current (defunct) ones, saving me repainting the ceiling!! I had to include the Vitemolla frim IKEA, as it is right on the mark style-wise and such a great price!!

I love scouring the internet for things, but end up spending far too much time doing it....hopefully you might find this round-up of industrial style kitchen ceiling spotlights useful and inspirational....maybe saving yourself some time online in your search!!

I will be back at the weekend with a little kitchen DIY!!



Abel Smith said...

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Abel Smith said...

Thanks for sharing this content with us..
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