Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Cosmopolitan blog awards 2014

....I need your votes!!

Imagine my joy on Monday, when I realised I'd made it!!
I've made the shortlist for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards in the BEST INTERIOR BLOG category!!
I would've done a celebratory summersault...if I could...But the fear of serious injury held me back!!
It was the sensible choice...and I knew it!!
However, fear did not hold me back when I entered Nostalgiecat for the CBA2014 a couple of months ago...but I DID NOT expect to make the shortlist!!
So A BIG THANK YOU to everyone that nominated me... I LOVE YOU ALL....but now I need your help ...again!!
Show me some love...


Its simple...it only takes a minute:
Just click on the image above, and the link to the Cosmopolitan blog awards voting pages will open in a new tab....Click through to page 11: BEST INTERIOR BLOG and simply tick the little radio button next to Nostalgiecat .
Then click through to the end, enter your name and e-mail address, tick a couple more boxes, hit SUBMIT....and bobs your uncle!!
...And I am your friend forever!!

I would of course highly recommend that you browse through all the wonderful blogs in all the categories (You can check out each blog by clicking on the blog-names): You never know...you might find your new favourite!!!(Apart from Nostalgiecat, of course (ahem!!blush!!))

Wish me Luck!!

Signing off with extra kisses today:

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