Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Interior trends for 2015

A house is much more than a mere shelter, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually 
- John Saladino

Image via just decorate
I've been spending the last week looking into what interior trends are emerging for 2015.
What trends are still going strong? What's hot right now and what's on the rise??
THE one trend I am most pleased to see establishing itself, is that PERSONAL INTERIORS seems to be key for this year: Meaning that whatever YOU are into, whatever works for YOU and makes you happy has emphasis on the decorating trends this year!!
This means that whatever colors or styles are predicted as "IT" for 2015,there is lots of room for stamping your own style on it, making for an eclectic interior universe!
I think that with so many people sharing their interiors on social media, there is a real urge to NOT copy each other and to use our homes as an expression of who we are!
Every one gets influenced by trends, magazines, blogs friends and family, the trick is to be inspired to do what YOU love with your home: Your combination of everything YOU like will make it personal!
So here is this years inspiration for your personal interior, as predicted by the trend setters and influensers:
First, lets talk wall colors:
Image via wgsn

The changing of the seasons always brings a new color specter, as the changing light from outside makes people want to refresh their homes, maybe more typically so in Scandinavia, as there is such a dramatic natural change this time of year....
The stark White, grey and monochrome looks from seasons past are now giving way to a softer pastel color palette, and a new set of neutrals are emerging: Shades of blues and sea greens.
These are colours with nuances that blend beautifully into the background...But differs from the colorless neutrals in the way they add warmth and  beautifully offsets other colors...
Image via boligliv
 Also the use of geometric wall papers are also on the rise!
Image via 79 ideas
On the other end of the color specter we find Soft powdery shades of pinks and peach.
Image via The design shepherd
When Dulux announced that their color of the year was copper blush, at first I wasn't too taken with it, as I felt it resembled the Terracotta red of the 80's, but I can honestly say it has grown on me....and anyway I am loving all those muted blush pinky tones in a combination with grey's and even okra  or peachy yellows... In fact Dulux has got it pretty spot on this year with their silent shift range. 

What I think makes these colors work so beautifully is how they go with the materials and shapes that are trending for 2015:
The love of mid century modern lines are not going anywhere fast, especially when it comes to furniture and lighting. But pared with powdery pastels MCM gets a fresh new look!
And juxtaposed to the soft shades, sculptural lights in brass and copper, contrasting with greys and black with a 50-60's aesthetic gives the look a modern edge.... On a side note: Lighting for 2015 will have a focus on the light bulb itself....
Image via hanna rosell
When it comes to home accessories, Not only are mixed raw and polished metals a big trend, but mixing materials, like structural smokey  glass, concrete and marble , untreated wood and cork. Textiles in jute or linen in shades of grey with bohemian luxuries like velvet and wool and ikat patterned rugs are all part of the eclectic look for 2015!
Here are a few examples, that I've hand picked from around the web:
From top, left to right:
Turkish kilim rug from kilim warehouse
"Arendal" smokey grey glass p
endant shade from Dot and Bo
French connection "Zinc" sofa from dfs

"Grey seal" linen cushions from Rume
Large raw blond wood pot from French connection
wood and iron tray coffee table from French connection

Brass planters from School house electric

             Black Light by artist Diana Dumitrescu
Natural wooden sidetable on castors by House Doctor from Bodie and Fou

Black wooden rocking chair by Ercol from Heals
Pure nature wooden stool from Bodie and Fou
Marble/brass/copper candle sticks by Andreas Engesvik from house and hold

Marble trays and cup from H&M home
Smokey grey glass "chamber light" by Hallgeir Homstvedt from Menu
Jute utility basket from terrain

Velvet cushions by Home Address from Not on the high street
Concrete and wood "jack" speaker by anaesthetic design
Merino wool and copper wall hanging from Stilleben
Glow table lamp with black bulb from Bolia
Graphic poster by Elkeland
Salt crystals and cork cups from the home project
Image via Tina's lounge
Although there is no dramatic change in the trends of previous years, just an exaggeration of what we've already seen, 2015 is the year for fresh thinking and flexibility: 
The trend is to see the potential of things: Sometimes it's not the functionality you need to turn up side down, but the expectations: 
Using a black light bulb instead of white, both hints to the trend of light bulbs being in focus and smokey glass, a basket turned sidetable gives useful storage with an unexpected twist.
Image via Sightunseen.
Vessels by Kristine Five Melvaer
Lastly, I predict that 2015 will be the year of the art poster, as it is an affordable way to buy into art, making it easier to personalize our spaces, and also change things up more often!
The previous trend for spelling out words on cushions etc. will thankfully vane, and the graphic poster will take over....

Image via Domaine home
2015 is all about Unique, eclectic and personal interior design: Thinking outside the box to make your interior work for you: 
Decorate with home accessories that add a personal touch: Heir looms from your grand parents, Your child's first shoes, books you love to read, travel finds and old furniture....Do things up to suit your tastes and interior , change things up:A lick of paint,  adding new knobs to your chest of drawers, a new lampshade for the old lamp or  DIY your own style home accessories!
And I am here to help, and aim to keep posting lots of DIY ideas and tutorials on things you can make and do for your home this year...please check out my DIY tutorials gallery for my previous projects, and keep popping by for more inspiration, or better still: Follow me on social media or subscribe to my e-mails for instant post updates!! (Find the links at the top of my left hand sidebar!)
Let's do this: Lets personalize our homes for 2015!!


Alexis Middleton said...

Such a great article, June! You have picked such gorgeous examples too.

Ursula Carmona said...

Great inspiration! I just love that first and last image!! :)

june olsen said...

Thanks Alexis and Ursula!! I am just loving the 2015 interior trends! Especially the posters for art!!

corey anderson said...

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