Monday, 22 September 2014

Feather print artwork...

"Learning to fly"...

One of the micro trends I've become aware of recently, is feathers! Feather art and print, on cushions and used in wall-hangings, as well as in fashion....I love the look of feathers!

At first I played around with some images I shot of some feathers me and Little miss Moo picked up one day when we went for a little walk in the woods...using apps on my phone:

Made using sketch maker app

Made using 360sketch app

But when one of my favorite, arty bloggers. Alisa Burke posted this tutorial about different ways to get creative with feathers, I knew I had to give it a go!

In particular I wanted to try to print with feathers!
So today I want to share this little arty tutorial I made of my attempt to do some gelatin printing using feathers!

You'll need:
A baking tray (or similar) to fit A4 paper
....and of course: Feathers!

Mix up enough gelatin and water to fill up your baking tray.
Use more gelatin in the mix than instructed for an extra hard jelly.
Leave to set...

When it has set properly get your paints and feathers and paper ready!
Apply paint directly onto the jelly...mix up the colours and patterns of your paint as you'd like!

Gently place the feathers on top of the painter jelly surface...

Place a piece of paper on top, and use the brier to roller gently over the surface!
(If you haven't got a brier, using your hands will work as well)

Peel the paper away to reveal your feather pattern...repeat for a different expression, changing the colors and patterns as you please...Have fun!!

You could even "pull" a print of the paint left behind where the feathers were...

Even the feathers themselves look lovely, all covered in paint!!

When you've had fun pulling feather prints , and your sides are covered in pieces of paper...enjoy going through them, choose one or two and whack a frame on:
Voila: Feather art!!

I liked how this mint/gold/pink version came out....but if I change my mind I'll have like, ahem....20 more to choose from!!

And I had some great fun in the process! Even Little Miss Moo got in on the action!!

I have another arty project coming up soon, as my living room makeover is now starting to take shape, I am turning my attention to the details: Art, lighting and furniture!!
It's going to be quite a transformation!!

Keep popping by to see more creative projects for your interiors!



Sarah Jess said...

I love this idea!
I would be tempted to seal that baking tray (?), and put those feathers in another picture frame to hang as a sort of triptych!

Thanks for the great post.


june olsen said...

Thanks Sarah Jess! It is not strictly necessary to seal the baking tray, as long as it is clean! I know mine looks rough,but that's why I used has now been demoted/upgraded to a craft tool! Although, using it with gelatin will not make it unsafe for cooking!
I do want to frame those feathers as well, but didn't have any spare frames at the moment, so they will have to wait...would look good though, next to the print!!
xxx June