Thursday, 18 September 2014


London design festival

So yesterday I went to the 100% design exhibition in Earls court, London....
Wow...sensory overload!!
So much eye design candy, it's hard to know where to start!!
I came back with 2 shopping bags full of leaflets and brochures's going to take some time going through that lot!! So much inspiration!!
So for today, I am just sharing a few pics I snapped with my phone, and mentioning a few of the designers and trends that's stuck in my mind!!

Top left: origami concrete paperweights from desinere, recycled glass citrus press and egg cartons in the super design market, and modular concrete shelving, table with built in vessels for plants and concrete/wood mix pendant lights from bentu.
There was no way that I could see it all, so I concentrated on the Interiors and emerging brands sections....and boy was there some interesting stuff:
There is a definite focus on exploring new materials and processes, and also on recycling and the sustainability of new product and design..
There was quite a lot of designs in concrete, often mixed with other materials such as wood...

From top Left: Image from the emerging brands section, "cumulus" cloud light by daisuke mingle , ceramic light pendants from Estonian design house, Cork finish ,and bench by Lewis Nelson

Colored glass ware and mixed metals seems to be a big trend, as well as decorative porcelain ,marble and cork.There was fun designs exploring materials in a new way, such as the lightening clouds above.
 Pale wood was an obvious trend and furniture looked modern, but with a hint at mid-century design...

From top left: Mexican product design by shift, "Kai" Powder coated steel chair by Daniel Lau, wooden pendant lights by hope&hammer, modular storage by MoModul
Rustic wood was also having a moment, but in the form of wood-chip and plywood as well as oak and beech. There was a lot of modular furniture, especially when it came to storage, and powder coated metal in geometric forms also seems to be a big trend in furniture

Table lamp and turned oak table and planter in one by hope and hammer, patterned wall paper by Camilla Boler and baskets and throws by The
It seemed to be all about textures and materials, and the general color palette was muted pastels and grey's...Geometric prints and kaleidoscope graphics seemed to dominate textiles, soft furnishings and wall paper (along with photographic textures like weathered wood and bricks.).

Here's a few other furniture/design ranges that impressed me:
Loic bard

Emko design

Furniture by Lozi

Pinch design
There really was so much loveliness to look at....much too much for one post!
So no doubt I'll be blogging about some of my new-found design discoveries in the near future...
I also went to Heals in the evening yesterday for their new design range launch, and quite frankly: I am currently experiencing an overload of before I share anymore, I need to divulge all the visual information from yesterday...LOL!!
I have a 101 ideas floating around in my head right now, and I am getting very excited about some possible future projects!!

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