Thursday, 4 April 2013

Upcycled side table: "Black butterflies"


DIY tutorial on how to upcycle an old wooden side-table on a shoestring: Using spray-paint, rub-on decals and varnish.

I have had a love-affair with butterflies since me and my husband got married, when I wore a gorgeous wedding dress by Jenny Packham covered in embroidered butterflies.

My husband gave me these framed taxidermy butterflies as an anniversary present last year.
I loved the sentiment behind the gift as much as their beauty.
And this was my inspiration when it came to upcycling this old wooden side table, that I found for £8 in a local bric-a-brac shop.
It really had seen better days.
I really didn't have a lot of money to spend, so this was going to have to be upcycling on a shoestring.
I found a can of black spray paint for £4.99 in a local auto care shop, and bought some butterfly rub-on decals at hobbycraft for £5. I already had a can of clear "plasti kote" varnish laying around from a previous project.

I gave the table a light sanding over, then a good clean with soapy water. When completely dry I sprayed the table black.
I attempted to rub on the decals at this stage, but found they lifted off too easily, so I decided to give the table a light spray of varnish before rubbing on the butterfly decals whilst the varnish was still a bit tacky.

This seemed "glue" the decals to the table.
I then sealed them in with a heavy layer of varnish on top.

I did find that the table had to stay untouched for about 24 hours to ensure the thick layer of varnish was fully dried.

I love the end result, and think my table looks lovely in its rightful place under my framed taxidermy butterflies....and all for under £20!
Thanks for looking! Feel free to post comments or questions below!


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Holzy said...

June what a great idea!!! :D I am looking forward to your next blog!! Hope you and the family are all good! Would love to catch up soon!

luckycat said...

Cheers Hollie!! great to hear from you! Hope you are good!! I'm trying to be a bit ambitious with the blog...a work in progress I know!! Keep watching and please spread the word!!I am just bursting with ideas at the moment, and really enjoying myself,as well as learning a lot!! would looove to catch up soon....let's make it happen!!

Vikki Box said...

Hey hey june. Loving your blog work and just love this table. Hope you and family are keeping well. Must meet up soon love vikki x

june olsen said...

Hi Vikki!! wow...great to see you popping in here to visit me! So happy you like the table and the blog, spread the word!! Keep seeing pictures of B lokking cuter and cuter...just let me know if you get a free day ...maybe over the summer holidays, so we can arrange a getogether...xxjune