Friday, 12 September 2014

Today is international "Make your bed day"!!

...did you know that??
I know, right...there's a day for everything!!
But this is one I can get behind!!

Image from Laura Thomas Linens
(this is a sponsored post, and all images are from Laura Thomas Linens)
I make my bed every's true, I do....but sometimes I don't get around to it until maybe 5 o'clock in the afternoon...LOL! It doesn't matter: it just makes such a difference come bedtime, when you peel your bedding aside, and get in....AAAAhhh! 
The only thing better is the feeling of getting into a FRESHLY made bed, with new bedding!!
They say you should always buy the best bedding you can afford....and I agree!
There are few things as important as a good nights sleep, and getting into bed at night should feel like a treat!!
So when Laura from Laura Thomas Linens sent me out some of her gorgeous organic cotton pillowcases earlier this summer, I was in heaven!
Not only is the quality superb...(like nothing I've ever had before...because up until now I've been a cheapskate when it comes to paying for bedding!!) but knowing that Laura has taken the care to make sure that all her products are fair trade, ethically produced and in keeping with the GOTS (Global Organic Trading Standard) meant that I could go to sleep with a clear conscience...No more "made in china" bedding here!! Oh no seree!!

I love it when blogging gets me in touch with people like Laura: Passionate, fair and with a great sense of style. 
Scottish lass, Laura dreamed up LTL after she had an "epiphany" whilst living in Edinburgh:
 "my bedroom window overlooked Edinburgh Castle.  While supping on a cup of tea one Sunday morning in bed and looking up at the Castle, a thought popped into my head.  What did the Kings and Queens of yesteryear's bedding look like?"

She started the company whilst living in New Zealand in 2012,where she has been living for the past 9 years , and aimed to supply the market with good quality, mid prized bedding and sheets that were both ethical and affordable:
Non of her products are mass produced, they are all unique one-off designs. Laura ensures prices are kept down by working directly with her suppliers in countries like India and Vietnam, but as mentioned above, with strict criteria on the workers daily conditions:
"I currently deal with a Vietnamese Commune that supply beautiful hand embroidered bed linen and have actually seen images of the lovely ladies who stitch on my detailing!"

Laura also runs the beautiful and inspiring lifestyle and interiors blog laura thomas interior design, featured in my blog check it out for some beautiful images of inspiring interiors as well as great DIY ideas!

Until I got the "interior bug", I (as previously mentioned) never gave bedding much long as it was clean: But having discovered the joys and beauty of quality bedding through LTL, I am now a true convert: It's got to be 100% cotton or linen and preferably organic...
...its a luxury, I know...but one I can safely say that I deserve!!

So go on...get to it: make your bed: It'll be sooo worth it!!

Our bedroom is ALMOST finished...only the chest of drawers left to fit, before I can show you all my new haven!! It's been a long time coming, I know...but stay tuned!;postID=8284451819364864907;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=18;src=link

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