Wednesday, 12 August 2015

DIY print cork coasters

I love little creative projects that take hardly any time or effort at all, and this is definitely one of those:
I've got a thing for cork at the moment, and fancied incorporating something corky 
in my new, little Coffee station I put together in my kitchen the other I decided to make myself some new coasters..

Being a cheapskate very frugal person, I just cut out my disk shaped coasters from a cork tile I had left over from when I did my loft makeover (hence why they are a little rough around the edges ) , but you can get plain cork coasters , like these, really cheap.

There are of course loads of ways you can decorate plain cork coasters, check out pinterest for inspiration, but I actually used cookie cutters to print my cork coasters with.

I managed to get a set of hexagon fondant cookie cutters on sale in Dunelm mills, but this set gives you a great selection of geometric shapes at a very reasonable price.

Then all you'll need is some paint, in your choice of colours.

I chose a minty blue, a greeny-yellow and some white + a coral shade that really pops!
Love this colour combination!!

I just painted the thicker side rim of the cookie-cutter shapes with paint...

...then pressed the paint onto the cork coaster. 

Pretty self explanatory really.

Then I painted the rim of the coasters white.


I also made some matching tea towels, that I will be sharing with you all next week...

 These little creative projects helps add personality into my interiors, and by making useful things for the home, as simple as they are, helps add some creative beauty to my everyday...

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Adeline said...

These are lovely! They would be such a great house warming gift!

Zen said...

Hello June, loving this tutorial! It's actually the 2nd cork tutorial I've seen today which makes me thinking I should get some for myself :) I have a DIY blog and if you would stop by some time, that'd be amazing :) In the meantime, continuing to browse your blog :)

june olsen said...

Thanks Adeline and Zen! Just briefly checked out your blog Zen, very impressive...will have a good look around there when I come back from my holiday!