Monday, 17 August 2015

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Sink-side beauty

So this is my second subject in my beautiful utility series of posts, and having started with  the Morning coffee, I am now moving on to a notoriously difficult spot in the kitchen to make beautiful: The kitchen sink!
This is a busy space in any household, and the endless traffic of dirty dishes, ugly washing up tools and wet rags can quickly get out of control, making this a very unattractive area of your home....
....but it needn't be!

In today's post I am sharing 5 inspirational images from the www. showing us all how pretty the kitchen sink-side can be + my picks of products to make this space not only more beautiful, but also more functional...

Image via Showhome
Image via delikatissen
Image from Pinterest
Image from a well traveled woman
My kitchen sink-side is nowhere near as pretty as these....yet.
But replacing some of my washing up essentials with a few well designed, but functional pieces should sort this area out in a jiffy:

In order to create some order and make this busy area of your home more appealing, choosing well designed, good-looking and functional products is key:
A washing up bowl will not only help protect the surface of your sink from scratches, but also help you manage any debris from your dirty dishes, preventing them from going down the plughole and blocking up your drains....I love the one, pictured above , from Normann Copenhagen as it looks good...but also because it can be folded up to be deeper, making it ideal for washing up larger items.
A pretty soap dispenser for your washing up liquid will look a lot better than the original branded plastic bottles it comes in, and investing in some nice washing up brushes and cleaning sponges you don't mind displaying will help keep the area looking good, as will a nice looking dish drainer.
And keeping all your washing up essentials organised in a caddy, like the one above will help keep the area looking tidy,
 Treat yourself to some pretty new tea-towels and you've pretty much nailed it!
( Or , as I will show you in my next post, print up some plain ones yourself, for a personal touch to a glamorous sink-side)
Join me in my quest to beautify my household utility essentials, and keep popping back here to Nostalgiecat over the next few weeks for more ideas on how nice design can make your everyday more attractive!


Adeline said...

LOVE a black or dark grey grout, too.

june olsen said...

I do too Adeline!
Thanks for popping by!

june olsen said...

I do too Adeline!
Thanks for popping by!