Wednesday, 11 March 2015

11 inspiring interiors filled with plants

Image from Karine Candice Kong

Can you feel it??
Spring is in the air!
It's getting milder for sure, and you may start finding snow drops and crocus popping up already, but it's still some time until things will turn truly green outside!
So, I have started filling the house with plants, in anticipation, giving me a head start on that spring feeling! I am working on some creative plant display DIY's, in conjunction with the #urbanjunglebloggers, that I will be sharing with you all soon, but for today I thought I'd leave you all with these inspiring images of some truly amazing green spaces:

Image from The Selby

Image via drop dead gorgeous
Image via cokopelia
Image via partment therapy

Image via binti home blog

Image via Glamour Paris

Image via sf girl by bay

Image via vt wonen
Image from Karine Candice Kong

I bet you feel it now, right??
There is something that plants add to an interior that is truly magic: All these spaces are beautiful, no doubt, but imagine them without plants....See how the greenery makes these spaces come alive??
Now go forth to your local garden centres in search of some of that magic and inject it into your home....You won't regret it!!

If you are known to kill plants, like me (My husband calls me Doctor Death) don't fret: I have finally (I think, fingers crossed ) sussed it and will be sharing some of my plant endeavours with you all next week and my tips on easy to care for plants as well as some more creative display ideas!

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