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The Habitat/Birchbox collaboration

I am still in the process of green-ify'ing my house (I've never before spent quite so much time at the local garden center. LOL) and I am very excited to show you all how lush my living room is looking.
But before I do, I wanted to tell you all about this lavish event I went to on Thursday evening:

So the other night I had the pleasure of attending a 3 course dinner at Habitat's Kings Road, London flagship store in conjunction with the new collaboration Habitat is doing with Birchbox.
This truly was a merge between the world of interiors and the beauty world, as I joined 10 selected bloggers from each industry to be the first to hear about this unusual collaboration!

For those of you that haven't yet heard of birchbox, it is a subscription service where you will Receive five personalized beauty samples every month, tailored to your profile. It is a great way to discover and try cult brands, up-and-coming lines, and everything in between...Then once you've found your favorites, you can purchase them in the birchbox shop.

The collaboration between Habitat and Birchbox takes the theme "Do Try this at home" and is a celebration of the makeover: Whether it's with your beauty regime or your at-home furnishings and decoration.
 "March is the time for renewal, renovation and refreshment across the board"
(Extract from the H/BB press release)

So as we all sat down at the beautifully dressed table (Of course, I did not expect it to be less than amazing), we were given a short presentation as to what form this collaboration would take!
There was a great atmosphere as the beauty and interior worlds collided, and as the interior bloggers gasped at the thought of putting lipstick on the eyelids! (Apparently it doesn't crease, like ever!!), the beauty bloggers were happy to hear that Habitat wants to re-introduce the dressing table into our interiors in their new SS15 collection!

I adore Habitat, as I feel that they are one of the few UK interior retailers that taps into that Scandinavian ,Mid century modern sensibility, that I love, when it comes to their furniture design!
But also because they, after 50 years of making their affordable outstanding designs accessible to all , have  stayed true to their revolutionary, in house design ethos.

And with Habitat announcing their new SS15 collection of dressing tables and beauty storage, their new partnering with Birchbox makes sense:

"We wanted to show fans of Birchbox that as well as feeling good through a fresh new beauty regime, re-imaging your interiors with great design can also create  a sense of rejuvenation"
Holly-Anne Rolfe, Design Manager for Habitat

 The presentation of the collaboration on the night , cleverly introduced 3 different make up looks from birchbox, paired with a habitat dressing table "to match the personality" of the girl:

Birchbox's peachy and romantic look was paired with this elegant, new design classic: The Emil natural birch wood dressingtable:

I loved the simple lines and the blonde wood of this one, and with it's huge round mirror it was pretty much everyone's favorite on the night!

The more affordable Limbo oak dressing table and stool was also a huge success with everyone:

With it's big mirror and pale oak finish, paired with it's compact design makes it ideal for small space living, perfect for a London girl. The Birchbox make up look, a strong, modern smokey eye look reflected this perfectly!

Lastly, and paired with the most populal make up look of the evening:The marsala (Pantone colour of the year), was the Fleur dressing table:
On the night , I was not too enamored with this dressing table, as I got caught up in the twee-ness of the ceramic drawer pulls, but on reflection, I actually love the mid-century-modern nod in the clean lines of this design....I would just change out those knobs...but, hey: That's just me and my taste!!

 It was a great evening with great food and conversation!
And there is something very exciting about being in a shop after closing time....I felt a bit like I was in toy story....only that I was surrounded by fabulous furniture and design instead of toys! LOL! It was a real pleasure to attend, and to get to meet some fellow bloggers and the fantastic people at Habitat!
And I am getting very excited to see what more these sort of unusual collaborations for habitat is going to bring!

Of course we were lucky enough to take home a huge mystery goodie bag:

Which contained the latest birchbox with a nice variety of products:
As well as this gorgeous Grey lacquered habitat Maisie storage box to keep all our beauty bits and jewelry in:

I love it, and it fits perfectly in my bedroom on top of my chest of drawers!

This sleek, functional and modern design with the pops of neon is typical of the home accessories, juxtaposed with the 70's feel ceramics available in the new SS15 collection at Habitat....perfect for creating that Eclectic look I've been harping on about in my last few posts (here and here)!

Make sure you check out Habitats new really is worth a look!

And don't forget to take advantage of these benefits from the Habitat/Birchbox collaboration:

Get free delivery on your Birchbox order with promo code HBSHIP, just visit Birchbox to redeem it!

 TIP! If you hurry and order the March box, it includes a 20% off voucher on Habitat's new collection OR visit habitat for a chance to win a free 12 month Birchbox subscription!

Lastly, but most importantly: 
Exclusively to us bloggers that took part in the event , I can offer you your first Birchbox for only £5 when you sign up! Just quote BBXHABITAT at the shopping bag page!!

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