Saturday, 7 March 2015

Personal, eclectic, fun and quirky...

...mixing up styles for a fresh spring look for your home

Wow! So we've got to March already, and spring is in the air!
With the days getting longer and the changing light, I always feel an urge to change up my interiors, and this year I'm inspired by ECLECTICISM!

In my last post I was exploring eclectic interiors, and put together a 7 point guide to successfully achieving the look without leaving your home looking like a jumble sale.
And today I am delving further into the concept whilst showcasing some amazing interior finds available right NOW!

Aren't we all after that carefully curated eclectic look? If you, like me, are tired of "catalogue looks" and finding the same style around your friend or neighbours house, you need to consider planning a more personal and eclectic look for your home!
It's the most forgiving style, as all décor is welcome. An eclectic space allows for traditional furniture, accessories and art to mix with modern, or vice versa to create an interior that is truly unique to you!

When The French bedroom company contacted me with a few sneaky peeks of their new collection, I felt inspired. And after browsing their fabulously eclectic range on their website, I jumped at the chance of a collaboration.  

So below I have put together an eclectic and bohemian collage of current products from The French Bedroom Company and around the high street and www. 

Getting that perfectly eclectic look requires a good eye for design, and is perhaps not as random as you may (like to)think) , so below my collage I've explained the reasons for my choices and share some loose guidelines to curating your very own eclectic look:


Here's how and why I feel these products work together:

Following my 7 point guide to an eclectic interior;
 Let's say my living room is painted white (which it is), creating a neutral backdrop for my eclectic choices of furnishings and décor;

 -Then working from the floor up, I have chosen the gorgeously colourful "costa" cotton and jute rug (Heals). This is my "jewel of the floor" that I will layer with the beautiful Persian cowhide (The French Bedroom company) to get that mixed pattern and shape look to my floors +add some texture to my interior.

 -Add that plush   Retro-look "Berlin" sofa from Loaf in a lovely aqua blue velvet, that picks up the colours from the Heals rug, and will add a touch of luxurious comfy-ness to the space.

 -Next up I am adding that shiny and sleek MCM inspired "Blu-dot-dang"Sideboard (Heals) in a glossy white + some modern white string pocket shelves (Utility) for the walls: Not only are they the perfect antidote to the textures of the rugs and the plushness of the sofa, but also by keeping them white, like my walls, they will become part of the background and help my other eclectic picks stand out!

-Then I've chosen some fantastic statement pieces: Like the Peacock rattan chair (The French Bedroom company), this adds a truly bohemian 70's vibe (Anyone remember the erotic "Emanuelle" films ?) and that fantastic (finally back in production) retro look LÖVBACKEN side table (IKEA) + that contemporary, but with a nod to MCM design , coffee table (Bolia).  And that metallic polygon sideboard or stool (The French Bedroom company) adds a creative surprise element to the look: Like a Gem in a treasure box!

-Of course I would add a plethora of cushions in various designs to casually throw around the place!:  From the traditional Pink tribal Kilim cushion (Etsy) , the modern geometric cushion (Ferm Living), the graphic, monochrome cushion (The gifted few) to the fun and quirky Mr. Cushion (Ferm living)

-I chose the ultra-modern graphic PS black wall light  (IKEA) and the White wooden beaded chandelier to juxtapose not only with each other, but also with my retro-style furniture! The Gold Angled floor lamp is a surprising nod to the 80's with a touch of industrial style!

-I have chosen to add a mix of modern and figurative, but unusual accessories: 
Adding in some raw blond wood to the look with the Wooden string bead Candle holder (Heals) and the Wooden artists dummy (IKEA). And the modern Bat light candlestick (Bolia) adds a graphic element to the look and The iconic MCM Eames housebird (Interior addict) picks up the black. The White origami style fluted vase (Bloomingville) is another modern addition juxtaposed by the brightness of  Matador green ceramic decorative Bull Object (Habitat).

-Accessorising with plants makes the interior literally "come alive" and I have picked out this gorgeous Large Phoenix twin faux cactus (Abigail Ahern) that I would put in a Vintage blue plant pot(Etsy) , some ferns that I would display in this uber modern Clear cube planter (Monoqi) and a collection of cactuses (IKEA) that I would keep in these lovely Geometric Bloomingville plant pots on my shelves and in this MCM Vintage blue plant stand (Etsy).

- For the walls I've chosen The organic but geometrical Post modern circular wall mirror (The French Bedroom Company) and contrasted it with the textured  Juju Hat feathered wall decor (Rockett StGeorge) and added some more 70's vibe with a Cotton rope macrame wall hanging (Etsy).

-Last, but not least, I have picked out an eclectic variety of artwork for the walls:
The huge Abstract art by Whitney Reinolds-Orr (via decoist) makes a great statement, and pick up the colours from the rugs and the sofa. 
And as a contradiction to the impact this would have on the room, I have also picked out a couple of minimalistic posters: The"Age" poster  (Monoqi) brings an organic element and the geometric Maya Poster (Ferm Living), although also abstract, brings a more structured look
...and to flip the look completely, I've added the fabolously opulent, yet modern Defaced Duchess grafitti portrait (The French Bedroom company)

It is this mix of styles, colours, shapes and materials that make the look eclectic.
As I mentioned above: This kind of look is very personal, and although my picks may not be to everyone's tastes, hopefully this post, together with my 7 point guide to an Eclectic interior , will give you the confidence to put together a look for your home that is not straight out of a catalogue or too matchy-matchy!

Lastly I wanted to show you a shot from my living room where I've used my new Springbok hide, curtsey of The French bedroom company that I've draped over my Eames RAR rocker chair next to my traditional bookshelf , under my DIY macrame wallhanging, and accessorized with my DIY monochrome geometric cushion etc... Just to show you that eclecticism doesn't need to look's all about your personal tastes!!
Best of luck with your home refreshments this spring: Make it Personal!!


Jen@Love Chic Living said...

It's a great eclectic look June, loving the French Bedroom company too #loveyourhome

june olsen said...

Thank you Jen....and thanks for having me at your linky party again!! :)