Sunday, 12 October 2014

Magazine rack/ sidetable...


Today I'm sharing this easy DIY side table/ magazine rack on castors...
When you live in a small home, space is very important!
So any space saving , double duty "furniture" has to be good!!

This is such an easy DIY as well:
All you need is  two pieces of plywood, cut to the size of a magazine, I glossed the top of one of mine....some castors, screws and a leather belt:
Screw the castor wheels to the bottom of one of the pieces of plywood, stack your magazine collection on, top with the other piece of plywood, wrap the belt around....voila:

Perfect for a bedside table, in the office or even in your living room...
If you have loads of magazines, get an extra large belt!

Keep your reading material organized and somewhere to keep your drink!

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