Wednesday, 15 October 2014


...a journey of indecisiveness!!
\So, I've now got to that point in my living room makeover that I'm thinking about furniture!
In particular I am thinking about sofa's!
Our old sofa's are in desperate need for replacing...One I've had for more than 10 years, and is as far from my interior tastes as it could be...the other one isn't quite as old, or quite as appalling to my design sensibilities, but the springs have gone in the seating cushions (Probably from Little Miss Moo's gymnastic sofa use!!)! The other reason I would love to get a new sofa, is that the current layout of the living room is far from ideal: and practically speaking, I have no chance of changing the lay out with the current sofa situation...
In fact, this is the lay-out I've had planned for our living room since earlier this year:
Notice there are NOT two sofa's, but One corner sofa, separating the room, making the area between the hallway and the bathroom more easy to maneuver, and creating a more cosy feel as the family snuggles up to watch a film....ideal!!
I  even had my ideal sofa picked out: 
This squishy number from Loaf...
But , unfortunately I have not got the funds to invest in a new sofa like that!
At one point I was well on my way to saving up for a cheaper alternative....something with a bit more of a mid century feel to it...
It was between this one from Tesco:
and this one from modern:

Both very affordable and stylish options!
Even if it did mean that the two-sofa layout would have to stay!

But, we had another financial set back.....such is life: the washing machine broke, so my sofa fund had to go towards a new washing machine!!

Just goes to show....even with the best of intentions, the real life of a blogger is NOT always pinterest-perfect!!

So, determined to at least try to make a visual change to our new living room, my last option now is a DIY!! 

Of course I cant just DIY a new sofa.....but a sofa cover is doable...right??
I did look into the ready made sofa covers available out there, but was unpleasantly surprised to find how expensive they are!!
So a DIY it is then....
So I've been trawling the net to find some inspiration for the sofa-cover:

I love the "ghost" from gervasoni, and when I saw that one of my favorite instagrammers, Diana Ousdal, had made her own DIY version, in the form of a sofa cover, I knew....this is the way to go...
It is something I am working on now, so watch this space as I will be revealing my DIY sofa covers in my next post...
Quite a journey hey, but such is life!!


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