Friday, 30 October 2015

Small shop focus: The Future Kept

With only 8 more weeks until Christmas (!!!) I am starting to turn my thoughts to organizing this years holidays...And a big part of this is obviously planning my Christmas present purchases...

And this year I've decided to, as much as possible, shunt the big retailers, and buy my presents from small, local and independent shops.  
Being a self employed maker myself, I know how important every sale is to me, and without the people who buy my stuff, I would not be able to keep going...So I think it is so important to support all those little shops and makers that have been brave enough to follow their passions and set up a business in a world dominated by corporate consumerism.

So I urge you all to support your local shops: The fantastic local florist down the high street, The bakers who sells homemade cakes, the markets and fairs... and the neighbor that sells handcrafted jewelry online....lets give our hard earned money to individual people, and not feed the multi national companies money making machines...

Of course I realize that in this day and age, a lot of us (my self included) , with our hectic working , everyday lives, will be buying most of our Christmas presents online. 
But we can still apply this principle and support the little people, and with this thought in mind I thought I'd do a mini series of blog posts in the run up to Christmas, and  put the spotlight on some of my favorite small independent online shops, that offers hand made, locally sourced and unique products... my mind the perfect, out of the ordinary Christmas gifts!

So, I am going to kick it off today, by introducing you all to an online shop that I feel empitomises this ethic entirely:

The Future Kept is an online purveyor of well designed, durable, meticulously chosen goods for you to cherish and keep, run by husband and wife duo Jeska and Dean Herne.
Based on the south coast of England,they design and carefully source items from independent designers, makers, artisans and entrepreneurs who are creating products that are better for our world, becoming part of your life story, forming an intimacy between you and your belongings. 
Jeska and Dean, image courtesy of The future Kept
I met Jeska and Dean yesterday, as they are currently to be found at West Elm, Tottenham court road, where they are having a 4 day residency pop up shop. So if you find yourself in the London area over the weekend I highly recommend that you visit them there to see their lovely curated collection of lifestyle products... 

With beautiful and unique products such as the hand thrown ceramic mug and coffee dripper, made exclusively for TFK by Scottish ceramist Julia Smith (Top picture), the gorgeous smelling , naturally crafted perfume oils from Swedish company Vilda vexter (pictured above) and Hand crafted wooden kitchen accessories from London based Forest and Found (pictured , below)....

The Future Kept's range of products focuses on creating a simpler life....where the quality of the product we surround ourselves with on a daily basis adds to our lives in a more meaningful way... Things that are lovingly made to last, and will not fuel the throwaway nature of the modern world.....Things that you are proud to own.... heirlooms of the future!

"Our primary goal with The Future Kept is to lead and inspire more people to think carefully about the items they have in their lives, by putting together a collection of best in class products all with a story to tell."*

With beautiful British handmade throws, (two pics above),vintage pottery (pictured above), eco friendly , washable paper storage bags (above and below) , hand printed bags by French artist Amelie Mancini (below)....

...recycled vintage china necklaces by British designer Stay Gold Mary Rose and quirkily pretty little limpit shell dishes made by Oxford based ceramist Katie Coston of Illyria Pottery (Both pictured, below) ...there is a unique gift for anyone available on The Future Kept website....

But the Future Kept is much more than just a quirky online shop...They promote the kind of slow paced life championed by the lifestyle magazines they stock, such as Kinfolk , focusing on life quality and enjoying each moment....
Image from A Future Kept on instagram
"Creating and seeking beautifully considered, functional items for others to enjoy is our passion, by sharing these items that we celebrate, we aim to connect and form relationships with like-minded folk, whilst having a positive impact on the environment.
We hope to inspire a curiosity and desire within people to make more sustainable and ethical choices. "*

Have a look at their gift collection for more inspiration for your Christmas gift shopping this year, and make this the Christmas where your gift choices really makes a difference!

*Extract from the Future Kept website

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