Thursday, 27 August 2015

Hexagonal wooden bead trivet....


So, here's a little useful and pretty DIY for your kitchen:
A wooden bead trivet.
Perfect for protecting your work surfaces from hot pots and pans when cooking...I use mine to rest my chemex coffee maker on, and I love the simple hexagonal design and the color and texture of the wooden beads!

This is a very simple make, and besides from the wooden beads, all you'll need is a needle and some string.

I made mine in less than 1/2 hour.
Here's how you can make your own:

Create a loop at the end of your string, then thread on 6 beads...

Use the loop to tighten the beads together into a circle, then pass the needle through the last bead to secure the shape. Let's call this the first row.

To start forming the second row, thread on one bead to sit between two of the beads on the first row.
Secure by passing the needle through the next bead on the first row...repeat all the way around...

Next up, you want to fill the gaps on the second row...

Do this by passing the needle through the beads you've just attached, then add the beads to fill in..

Start the third row in the same way as you did the second, but this time add two beads, before securing by passing the needle through the corresponding bead on the previous row...

Continue all the way around...

... then fill in the gaps as you did before.

I stopped there, but if you want a bigger trivet, just repeat the processes above until you get your desired size.

Tie off the loose end.
Simple, easy and good looking: A useful addition to your kitchen...

I love the way it compliments my Chemex and fits in with my kitchen interiors:

I hope you all have a great weekend, and that you will pop back next week for my next installment in my Beautiful Utility blog post series, as next week I am looking at how to get your laundry and household cleaning essentials to become more integrated element of your interiors, by choosing functional, yet beautifully designed tools for the job.

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