Wednesday, 5 August 2015

8 inspirational Coffee stations...

...from the www.

I hate to break it to you guys, but summer is coming to an end...
...and that means, it is back to routine for most of us: Busy mornings, school-runs and work.
It can be hard to keep your home looking it's best with hectic long days and busy schedules, let alone to find the time to enjoy it. So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I am going to be investigating how we can keep our homes looking good....even if you've not had a chance to tidy, and how good design can improve our lives, as well as our homes.
 And this is my first post in this new series, called Beautiful utility.

So, first thing's first: 
Image from Me and Alice
I don't know about you, but for me, every day starts with coffee!
In fact, without coffee, the day is a complete non-starter!
So, coffee is VERY important to my everyday life.

But, I felt like my experience of reaching for that sleepy first cup of morning coffee could be improved upon.
Admittedly, having to reach into cupboards to pull out the percolator and cups, is not a hard task, but in a bid to maximize my enjoyment of this first, quiet half hour of my day, I want to A) Make it a more aesthetically pleasing experience and B) Make it a better quality experience!

Like I said: Coffee is VERY important to me!
After all, a good start to the day sets you up for success...right??

So, I've decided to create a little coffee station in my kitchen, and upgrade some of my basic coffee-making essentials.

Image from Desire to inspire
What is a coffee station? And is it not a bit indulgent to have one in your home??
Well...yes, perhaps it is a little indulgent, but after all the hard graft I've put into redecorating out home, it is a luxury I deserve...
...and so do you!

A coffee station is what you make it....Chances are you've already got one in your kitchen:
It is basically where you keep your kettle, ground coffee,teabags and any other hot drinks paraphernalia you may use on a daily basis.
A Coffee station is just a more luxurious and practical way to organize this area.

Image via Pinterest
My aim is to make this area more pleasant to use...
...make it an easier "I can do this in my sleep" experience (which is often the case, LOL)
...make it a more attractive area of my kitchen, but in a very functional way
...And last, but not least, Improve the quality of my morning coffee!

Image from Dust jacket attict
I've been investigating good looking, high quality coffee makers...and although I'd love to have a barista style frappuccino machine extraordinaire with bells on...I have to consider the limited space I have available to me on the worktop, so my new coffee station will not be quite as pro-looking as some of the ones pictured in this post...

Image from Le ButikSofie
But, never the less, these images represent my ideal coffee station, and will be my inspiration as I create my own, that I will share with you all next week.

Image via My Scandinavian home
I love the idea of a good coffee station:
Keeping all your coffee-making essentials in one place makes sense, but more than that, this is about quality design and making it an attractive display: I am talking about beautiful electric kettles, coffee makers, storage jars and cups here.... Making the coffee making experience as enjoyable as the coffee itself...

Image via SFgirl by bay
...setting you up for a good day....right from the start!
To see more inspirational images of those perfect coffee moments, check out photographer Cindy Loughridge's tumbler page 365 days of coffee

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Adeline said...

Oh these are inspiring! If only I drank more coffee! I use about 1 keurig cup a month haha!