Saturday, 4 April 2015

Easy decorated eggs...

For the Easter tree


In Norway, Easter is a big deal, whether you are religious or not. Traditionally the Norwegian symbols of Easter is chickens and Eggs (and at some point the Easter bunny entered the stage as well...LOL).
 Another Norwegian symbol of Easter is the Easter tree!
In pagan times the Norse put up birch trees inside to invite the smell of spring.
Nowadays feathered birch twigs are a decorative feature in the Norwegian home during the Easter holiday, as well as yellow flowers, such as daffodils. 
The feathered birch twigs are decorated with painted and/or decorated eggs for Palm Sunday, which marks the start of the Norwegian Easter.
...And it's a great way to pass some hours with the kids over the Easter holidays:
 Get outside, pick some twigs (it doesn't have to be birch) and decorate them with colourful feathers (use some wire to attach them), pick up some white eggs at the shops (Here in the UK, duck eggs are the only white ones available), Blow them out (See this u-tube video to learn how) then get decorating!
Paint them, dye them, draw on them with a sharpie, cover them with glue and glitter....whatever you'd like...but today I want to show you a very easy way to decorate your eggs:

I used some temporary tattoos.
You know the kind you get in chewing gums? Well, I got hold of these gorgeous geometric gold and silver ones from Hobbycraft, but they have a great selection to suit all tastes.
So you simply press the tattoo onto the egg with a damp sponge or rag to transfer it on....simple!!

If the transferred tattoo crinkles up a bit , due to the roundness of the egg, just pat it down gently using your fingers.

Leave to dry then , if you want them to last until next year, maybe spray with some clear lacquer.

make a hoop by tying some string, then gently press the knot through the top hole of the egg....and hang on your Easter tree:

Hope you're all having a great Easter!
I'll be back with a little baking post....yes you heard: BAKING (??) next.
 I am sharing my mums recipe for making classic Norwegian "skoleboller" (buns with custard-cream centre covered in coconut....hmmmm!) Don't miss it: They are delicious!!

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