Friday, 20 March 2015

DIY tribal patterned terracotta plant pot

It feels like ages since my last DIY, but I really have been busy coming up with new creative ideas and making me, it's all to come!!

But today I am sharing this super simple and very easy DIY update I did on one of my old terracotta plant pots! It may not be my most spectacular DIY to date, but I love it for it's simplicity....and the difference it makes!!

I just grabbed (read: saved) one of my old, slightly weathered terracotta plant pots from the garden.
Gave it a little clean, then grabbed a white chalk pen  and a white nail art pen that I had laying around:

Then I simply drew on a pattern by free hand:

I was not too fuzzed about some of the lines being a bit wobbly, and simply made up the pattern as I went! I used the nail art pen for the thinner lines.

So easy....So simple!
But the old terracotta pot has really transformed from plain and boring to tribal and interesting:

And looks great on my sideboard, housing a fabulously prickly cactus, grouped with some ceramics and other curiosities , in front of my DIY tribal wall rug!

And the tone of the terracotta is perfectly matched by the metallic copper lamp from Claes Ohlson!

It's almost too easy, right??

That's what I thought!
So next week I am looking into more creative ways to display plants from around the www., then I've got another DIY plant pot to show you....a bit more tricky , and a bit different from this one. In fact I've got a few DIY plant pot post to show you over the next few weeks....I keep making them to keep up with my new plant addiction LOL!

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Adorablest said...

Love your re-use and thought. Lovely!