Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Interior inspiration: Wood

Image from Marsipan og smilefjes
This week I've been exploring the use of wood in interiors!

There is something about wood that adds a certain naturalness and warmth to a room...It can transform the most minimalist and modern interiors into something more authentic and organic!
Now, most of us are not blessed with homes that boasts beautiful wooden wall paneling or even floors, like Norwegian blogger Marthe from Marsipan og smilefjes, above, or those amazing high ceiling spaces with wooden beams, below:

Image via Sheer luxe
But with wood, a little goes a long way: And just a few little touches here and there can really add depths and warmth to a room:
Image from No home without you

An old wooden stool, the legs on a table or a chair, a shelf in the corner...even display some stacked wood for the fireplace (below ) or lean some pallet wood up against a wall with a light-chain for a statement, like Finnish blogger Kaisa from No home without you, above!

Image via Home Edit
 In fact, using wood in your interior creatively really packs a punch:

Image via lushome
Why not stack some old wooden crates to make a shelf for storage, like in the image above...
Or for a truly budget friendly option: Use some wooden pallets to make a seating area, like below:

Image via vtwonen

Making furniture, or even used as flooring, plywood (below)is another great way to add some wood into your interiors....not only is it cheap, but also extremely versatile and easy to DIY with....and that blonde wood look is bang on trend at the moment!

Image viaScandinavian deco

Just painting some (ply)wood in a simple geometric pattern, like Diana from house tweaking did, below...will make a huge statement as well as adding that wooden touch to your decor!

Image from house tweaking

And do feel free to mix it up: Old with new , dark with light wood....
Kat Hertzler of maple leaves sycamore trees 's dining area via design mom

....Rustic and industrial with antique....

Image from weekday carnival

...retro with modern....
Its all good! All wood (bar that yellowing pine stuff from the 90's.... UUUGH!)is in fashion right now!!

There really is no rules...whatever appeals to you: If you love a piece of wooden furniture, it will work in whatever style of interior you choose, as it is YOU: Your taste and personality that shines through, but just that little touch of something wooden will elevate the feel of your room and add a certain "je ne sais quoi"!
Stylist: Emma Persson Lagerberg. Photographer: Petra Bindel. For Åhlens. Via 79 ideas and Nordic Design 

...A simple rustic bench in the bathroom will add an instant SPA feeling!
Image from The merry thought
...And an old plank of wood suspended from the ceiling, as seen on The merry thought,  will not only be a functional bedside table, but also a statement with artistic merit.

Image from The Design files
I love that earthiness that wood brings to your interiors, weather its old or new, rustic or just adds something that speaks to my heart...maybe it's my Norwegian roots??!!

And I am oh'so glad that the fad of painting everything wooden with shabby chic chalk paint is finally veining, and all those gorgeous Mid century modern pieces of furniture can breath a sigh of relief, as they are now back in fashion....veneer finish and all!

I mean , just look at the living room, pictured above, from Aussie artist Carla Fletcher and her musician partner Brett Langsford's home in Melbourne: Perfectly eclectic and bohemian, with tons of personality....and with just the right amount of wood in form of that MCM sideboard,the rustic wooden gem stool and the pale wooden frames on the artwork....perfection!!

In my next post I will show you some more ways to get creative with wood in your interiors from around the web, then next week I will show you a little DIY using a piece of wood I found in the road the other day! LOL :)

Until then, have a great week
....and if you'd like to see some more inspiring interiors using wood, check out my pinterest board wood!


En estado de Rachel said...

Preciosas imágenes!
Todos los espacios rebosan estilo ;)

Maggie Grant said...

I'm in love with those inspirations, June! I definitely agree that it's a must to mix up when it comes to interior decorations. Dark and light wood go well with each other, and make tiny splashes of colors accentuate with vigor. Thanks for sharing that! Have a nice day! :)

Maggie Grant @ The Find Consignment

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