Saturday, 7 February 2015

15 creative ideas using wood in your interiors

Image from improvised life

I have fallen in love with all things wood this week!
I have been spending a dangerous amount of time on pinterest exploring different creative ways to use wood in your interiors, and today I am sharing 15 of my favorite pins.

From simple and rustic coffee table ideas , like the wood-slab table , above, and the easy Pallets-on -castors idea, below for your living room...

Image via vtwonen

To this neat little bedside table from one of my favourite DIY bloggers, Francesca from Fall for DIY:
Image from Fall for DIY
Wood is such a stunning and versatile material: Perfect for DIY projects!

Use it in it's rawest form; Bring in whole branches and twigs....

Image via living vintage co

...make a lamp stand, like above....

Or suspend a branch from the ceiling for a unique take on wardrobe storage, like the branch clothing rack Rae of one of each made, above!

image via wabisabi style

Or how about making use of some tree branches, and make some useful wall hooks, like the ones above?
Image from luxurya ccommodations

In the bathroom , pictured above, they've used a tree-trunk to create a little stool, they've made a ladder from branches to hold towels and used a slab of wood across the bath tub to keep lotions and potions on....ingenious!! Not only is the use of wood here very practical, but it also adds a natural warmth to the whiteness of the room!Beautiful!!

I just love the organic shapes of these stools from Nordic house, and if I ever come across a fallen tree, and happen to have a chain saw on me....I will most definately try to DIY one of these....
image from Petit and small

In all seriousness though, there are inspiration for DIY's to be had everywhere!!
How about these gorgeous and simple wooden table lamps, above? Sand back a log, hollow it out using a drill and add a cord kit and a fabulous bulb....and Bob's your uncle!!

Or these wooden coasters by anthropologie, also easily DIY'able...maybe using Plywood??
Image via An ordinary woman

As mentioned in my previous, wood-inspired post HERE, Plywood is very useful when it comes to DIY projects: It's relatively cheap and extremely versatile, but it also possesses that beautiful wood grain effect...Use it to build your own furniture, like those cute hexagonal shelfs ,below, or even just attach some on to the wall, like they've done in the picture above, for an instant and simple  statement with artistic flair!
Image from Luona shop

Raw timber is also an easy option for DIY projects:
Image via apartment therapy

How about making a fun floor-bed/play house for the Kids room!??
Image from Maria Nichols

If yo don't feel confident enough to take on any such structural DIY's, the easiest thing to do, would be to use something you already have,Or a junk shop find, like an old crate or wooden box: Turn it on its end, stick some castors on, and you have made yourself a nice little side table, like the one above!
Image from Carolyns homework

Lastly, I had to include this cute little photo holder from  Carolyns homework....with valentines coming up, this would be a perfect little make for the one you love, non??

If you'd like to see more creative ways to use wood in your interiors check out my Pinterest board's packed full of inspirational images and links to handy DIY tutorials, so that you can get creative using wood in your home!!

I will be back with a tutorial on a little wood -based project I've been working on next week, so please pop back then!!

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Thanks for this tips, I really like the first fotos with the big sofa ! Merci pour les astuces, j'adore la première photo avec le grand salon en tissu blanc !

Olive Miles said...

The little table next to bed is really the curtest thing! I love it! As a general I love wooden furniture! I have so many! Really great post! I feel so inspired to bring something original in my home! Thanks! Greetings, Storage Locksbottom Ltd.

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Thanks for stopping by canape2places and Olive! Glad I could inspire!