Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy new year!

The last day of 2014 is here, and as we greet the new year tonight a lot of people will be thinking of their their new years resolutions...
After all what better time to make some changes to your life, than the start of a new year?
Starting a fresh, you may want to start living your life in a healthier way: Dieting to lose weight, get down the gym to get fit, stop smoking or breaking any other bad habits in life....Or maybe you have decided to make 2015 the year you achieve some other goal, like getting your career on track, start studying or maybe even redecorate your home?
Whatever goals you have set yourself for 2015, I wish you the best of luck!

However, personally, I have decided to not take on any such resolutions this year, as I feel like this next year will bring enough challenges for me as it is!
Instead I've made myself some promises, that hopefully will help me focus on creating a brighter focus for the future:

1: Let go of the limiting filters and live my life out loud!
Express myself with a deeper level of authenticity ad transparency: Say what I mean and not hold back!

2:Let go of grudges and resentments!
Surrender...its not about giving up, giving in or selling out, but make peace with what is and embrace life as it shows up

3:Focus on what truly matters!
Learn to love myself and work out what would make ME happy!
No regrets!
On behalf of your dreams, stop making excuses!!
If the opinions of others didn't matter, what would you choose to do?

4:Focus on a happy future and Go after it without looking back!

These promises may seem vague and a little "self-help", but as we turn into the new year, I know that this will be a year that is going to require a lot of personal strength and I truly feel the need to turn my focus inwards to help myself find that strength!

Most of all I would like 2015 to be the year where the choices I make will have a positive impact on the future...

For Little Miss Moo....but also for myself!
Because If the trials and tribulations of 2014 has taught me anything, it is that at the core of a good life is inner happiness!!

So I raise a glass to the New year, bring what it will...and wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


Marianne Tvedt said...

Fantastisk June!
Glad for å lese på bloggen din igjen. Det føles så nært og ekte <3
Jeg ønsker deg alt hell og lykke på veien mot gleden og freden i å være 100% June <3
Og det er som å høre meg selv snakke høyt til meg selv ;D
Jeg heier på deg! Og mitt nyttårsløfte er faktisk litt likt på noen måter, å hver dag gjøre noe som får meg til å smile, le, føle glede og takknemlighet over å bare det å være meg selv og friii i dette livet! :)
Jeg håper å se deg igjen i 2015 så vi kan fortsette å dele seire og nederlag, og støtte hverandre i den prosessen det er å bli frie og hele mennesker :)
Godt nytt år min venn!
Klem fra Marianne :)))

monkey said...

happy new year june and to miss moo too best to you both xx

june olsen said...

Tusen Takk Marianne! Ja jeg tror at dette aret kommer bloggen til a bli litt mere personlig og focusert pa livsglede...Det gir meg utrolig mye a ha deg som folger og jeg setter saa stor pris pa dine kommentarer!! Vi MA motest i 2015, og jeg gleder meg til a dele erfaringer vi begge far pa veien mot lykken!!xxx

june olsen said...

Thank you so much Monkey, and the same to you!! xxx

En estado de Rachel said...

Hay que ser positivos y disfrutar de estas heladas, este frío de Enero...


june olsen said...

Thank you Rachel! <3