Tuesday, 30 December 2014

FREE downloadable 2015 calendars...

From the www
Wow...2014 is almost finished!
If you happened to catch my last post (that I've now taken down) You'll know that as far as I'm concerned: Good riddens!! Anyway....onwards and upwards: 2015 is right around the corner, and I am trying to approach the new year with a positive attitude!
And one of the best ways to start a fresh is by getting organized....
...with a new a new calendar!!

So today I am sharing a few of my favourite FREE downloadable calendars from the www. 
All you need is paper and ink and these could all be printed out at your convenience, just click on the links below the picture of your favourite to get redirected to the site for the download!

This printable calendar from Vanessa Quijano is just hauntingly beautiful, yet simplistic...
And I adore the simplicity of this monochrome beauty from Chantel Emma

The cute and colourful mini calendar from Scrappy Sticky Inky Mess speaks to the geek in me!

Or how about this funky one from 3.bp with a splash of colour?

If you are after something a little more fun , how about this one from design is yay?

Or if you want something a bit different, how about this geo-ball shaped  desktop calendar from a piece of rainbow, just print , cut and fold...

Or if you'd like something a bit more arty, how about this beautifully illustrated desktop calendar from Sara Woodrow?

Or maybe this freebie from  the etsy digital designers is more to your tastes?

I like the classiness of this one from classy clutter
And I definitely share my name is snicker doodle's love of hexagons!

These are just a few of the freebie 2015 calendar designs I love on the www right now...If none of these are to your tastes, there are loads more available out there, and I've made up a little pinterest board of printables, that has loads more calendar designs as well as downloadable artwork and templates that you can save to your computer and print out at home at your convenience!
So please check it out!
I've also made a treasury of my favourite printable 2015 calendar designs from my go-to site when I'm after something a bit different than what the high street has to offer, ETSY....You can view it here!
With prices ranging from just 13 pence to £8, there is bound to be something for everyone!!
So, here's to a fresh start of 2015, and an organised new year!!


Suze said...

Your last post disappeared before I had a chance to comment - I wanted to wish you all the best, so I'll do it here instead! I hope 2015 has all kinds of wonderful things in store for you. Stay positive. Cheers to a fresh start and a fabulous New Year for us all! x

june olsen said...

I'm afraid I lost my bottle in keeping that post up Suze! It was so cathartic to write, and it felt good putting it all out there, but I wasn't prepared for the avalanche of sympathy that I received, and I don't like to complain or feel that people are feeling sorry for me, so I took it down!Shame really...but then Nostalgiecat is really an interior design blog, all be it a personal one!! But thank you so much for your words of support and yes! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AS WELL!!

Jen@Love Chic Living said...

A great selection June, thanks for sharing and for joining in the linky this week x #loveyourhome

Rachel @ Fresh Design said...

What a great post, thank you! I'd meant to search out some printable calendars myself and haven't got around to it. I adore the colourful geo one! (via #loveyourhome)

june olsen said...

Thanks for the invitation to join your linky Jen!! Really happy to connect with more uk interior bloggers!!

june olsen said...

Rachel! THank you for stopping by...I love them all!! Hard to choose!!

Nova | 18ChelseaMews said...

This is a lovely roundup June. My favourites are the geo-ball and the gorgeous illustrated one by Sarah Woodrow. I'll definitely be downloading those two! Thanks for sharing! #LoveYourHome

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