Wednesday, 17 December 2014

DIY Paper star ornament

So today I am sharing another DIY Christmas tree decoration...This time a star made of paper!
I found this 3D paperstar template via better homes and gardens, but as it only printed 1 star per sheet of paper, and I hate paper waste, I've made a new template with 3 stars per page for you all:
Download my template HERE, print out twice on 200 mg cardstock, and you'll have enough to make 3 decorations.
Other than card stock for printing out the templates, you will need Scissors, twine/ribbon and double sided tape (or glue...but I found tape to be better)

Cut out the templates...You will need 2 templates for each ornament!

Fold along the dotted lines...
...the slatted lines fold the other way.

You can already see the 3D effect!

Using the double sided tape....

Fold and stick down the flaps at the end of each star point...

...So that the star sits flush on your work surface.
Repeat on the other folded template!

Next get your twine or ribbon...

Attach it to the inside of one of the star-halfs to create a hoop for hanging.

Add pieces of double sided tape on the underside of each star point!
It helps if you do this on both halves!

Remove the backing of the tape and press the two half- stars together...

Ready to hang on the tree...

Our tree is all done up with paper ornaments this year, and it looks lovely!
In my next post I will show you how I made the cute little paper stars on the fairy lights, just seen in the picture above!!
So make sure you pop back again this weekend for those!

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