Friday, 5 December 2014

concrete star...


In today's post I will, as promised, show you another way to DIY some stars into your advent decorations...
This time in favorite material!!
Well actually, this ones a bit of a cheat....and I'm not using concrete, but cement...but all the same : The effect is stunningly rough! Just the way I like it!!

So when I say that this is a bit of a cheat, it's because in this project, there is no need to make a mould to cast in, as we will be using sponge/foam cut to shape to soak up the cement...

Here's how:

You will need:

A 5 point star pattern, see my post 3D folk art stars , where I show you how to make one easily.
Rapid setting cement (I got mine from Wickes)
foam sheet (I got mine from Dunelm Mill, and found it was cheaper to buy a seating pad than a whole sheet)
retractable scalpel (Or a very sharp long bladed knife)
grease proof baking paper
Large container (Large enough to hold the size of your star)
Bucket/bowl (for mixing the cement in)

Step 1:
Make your 5 point star pattern (See my instructions here) in the size you want.

Step 2:
Trace the star pattern onto the foam

Step 3:
Using your retractable blade, carefully cut out the foam star. Take care to make the edges as neat and straight as you can!

Step 4:
Place your foam star in a suitably sized container.

Step 5:
Mix up the cement. Aim for a runny consistency, like double cream.

Step 6:
Pour over the foam star, then squeeze the foam to load it up with the cement mix, turn over and repeat...leave in to soak up the cement for 5 minutes...

Step 7:
Place some grease proof baking paper on the table (or on an old baking tray), then carefully lift the cement soaked foam star on top..

Step 8:
Use the leftover cement mix to smooth over the foam star to cover the sponge the cement starts to thicken this will be easier...

Leave to set.

Step 9:
When the cement is starting to harden, use a pencil or a knife to score away any excess along the bottom..
You're done!

All you got to do now is leave them , laying flat, in a warm place and wait for the cement to fully cure! This will probably take up to 48 hours!

I am so pleased with how they turned out....and they were so easy to make!!

What do you think?


Jenni Ahokas said...

I love this idea. Thanks for sharing½

june olsen said...

Jenni! Thanks for stopping by nostalgiecat and taking the time to comment!! Much appreciated!! xx

beaderselbow said...

Hi, can these stars been left outdoors when complete. Thanks. Excellent tutorial

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New Kira said...

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