Wednesday, 29 October 2014

textured Graphic artwork...


Today I am sharing the large textured, graphic artwork I made for my new look livingroom!

Using a large piece of ply wood and some wool, I made this big statement piece for the wall behind my sofa: Not only does it add an injection of colour, but also some texture to my otherwise white interiors....

Here's how:

On a large piece of plywood I drew out an asymmetrical grid of rectangles...

Then using my jigsaw, I cut out the shapes in the middle, leaving a frame of ply-wood:
(See my post here for tips on how to best cut plywood)

Then using my leftover balls of wool, in an array of complimentary colours, I simply wound the wool around the ply wood frame:

...Creating patterns of colours as I went...
Tip! Do mix up the density and direction of the wool as you go, and work on multiple squares at the time to interweave the colours and patterns.

This is such an easy DIY, but can be time consuming... Have fun, and get creative with your choice of colours and patterns!!

Try to keep it neat on both sides of the plywood, and tie off any loose ends of wool in an inconspicuous place.

It may help to have a little assistance whilst winding the wool around the frame...luckily I had Little Miss moo that eagerly helped me pass the balls of wool to and fro through the frame...Thanks beautiful!!

I love the way this has added a bot more colour and texture to my new look living room, but I realize now, looking at these images, that I will need to look into re-doing my gallery wall when I get back from Norway....
...more on that later , I guess!!

What do you think?

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