Wednesday, 27 August 2014

DIY paper plant pot

Here's a little 10 minute DIY for you.

I have developed a new-found love of green plants recently, and plan to keep some in our new work space in our loft (God bless them, they know not what fate awaits...LOL)
As this is a rather new development, I am not really kitted out with stacks of beautiful plant pots...and in an attempt to save some money (I cant believe how expensive a nice plant pot can be....or maybe I have very expensive taste???) I decided to just make some out of paper to cover those ugly plastic ones that come with potted plants!

All you need is paper (I used wallpaper lining, which you can pick up cheap in any DIY shop....but any thick paper will do) scissors and tape! And something cylindrical to use as a template: I used an old gift box for wine...perfect size!!

meassure roughly how tall you'll need your pot-cover to be,add enough to cover the bottom and then cut the paper to size . Make a small fold at the top then "Pretend" to wrap up the wine box, taping it in place around as you go!

Then I pulled the paper "pot" off the wine box....

....and crumpled it up before placing my plants inside.

If you are thinking: What's going to happen when you water the plants?...I would suggest that you take the plants out before watering, and place a yogurt lid in the bottom of the paper pots to catch any drips after!

I think they look rather nice, don't you??
...and cheap as chips to make!!



Sarah Jess said...

these are adorable! I do find that the cost of things that are purely for 'decor' is really, really high. Cushions?!? Rugs?!? Who do they think we are?

I may have to try this, I bought some lovely greenery from Lidl not long ago....

SJ -

june olsen said...

Too right Sarah Jess!! I keep finding things I love, then thinking: How much??? (Or sometimes: I can make that for less...LOL!!))

Alexis Middleton said...

I think these look so cool! I wonder if you could make some out of concrete that have the same look?

june olsen said...

hmmmm....there's an idea Alexis!!Maybe if you waxed the paper first?? Thanks for popping by lovely!!

Plant pot said...

I may have to try this.