Monday, 16 June 2014

Creating art with apps...D3LTA

 .... D3LTA

"morning light through my bedroom window"

I love a great app! Most of all I love a great photo editing app!!
And I recently found D3LTA geometric surface photography....and it is my new favourite toy!!

"Early morning dew drop rhododendron"

"picking posy's in the rain"

It basically takes any image stored on your phone and applies a geometric element of your choice to "deconstruct" your image in a very cool way!!


It is how I created the free downloadable print I shared with you all in this post!
"Textures by the sea"

To make a poster out of your edited photo, just upload it to an online sharing service, like picasa or dropbox, save to your computer and print...
"Concrete work in progress"

 The App even lets you layer effects , for a kaleidoscope look that is eye-bending (I can say that ....right??)

"White flowers and ferns"
I'm sure there is a lot of similar apps available out there, but I found this one really easy to use and I am really impressed with the "poster - worthy" results, so I just wanted to share it with you all!! 

So why don't you give it a go and create some frame-worthy geometric photo prints for your walls!!



Kathy said...

This is a nice post! The app reminds me of the Fragment app.
I am looking for an iphone app which takes a photo and makes it look like it is repeated on 5 inside surfaces of a cube - like you are looking into a room or box. Have you found one like that?
kathleenmadeline on Instagram

june olsen said...

Thanks Kathy! I haven't got an i-phone ('s on my wishlist!!!LOL) so I'm not sure...that sounds like a cool app...let me know if you find one!!!

Abel Smith said...

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