Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Egg vase: DIY


When I spotted these DIY egg vases on the Instagram-gallery of hundrafyrtioettan, I knew I had to have a go myself...
Perfect for Easter, they look like giant eggshells that you can fill with daffodils, and so easy to make, I had to share...

 All you need is balloons, water and plaster bandage.
 (Paper Mache would probably do the same trick, but the advantage of using plaster bandage is that it cures faster and is fire proof should you want to stick a candle in them instead of flowers...) 

Fill the balloon with water then blow it up to the size you want.(The water is just to weigh it down..)
Wet your plaster bandage (as demonstrated by my assistant , Little Miss Moo, in the picture above..)
Smooth it onto your balloon, until you've covered it, leaving a gap at the top (Obviously!!!)
Leave to dry and cure for 1-2 hours.
Pop the balloon (Upside down over a sink)...and voila!! 

Place some potted daffodils inside for a perfect Easter display...

What do you think?


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