Saturday, 11 January 2014

January cure update....

...Kitchen purge
Pheeew! I thought I was lagging behind in the cure...I had just vaguely done the outbox thing...plan to make my own artwork and gently pondered what changes I could make!!(not sitting still for 10 minutes and "meditate" as instructed!!) So thank goodness I made it my mission to get THE KITCHEN (Vague description of the task, I know!!) ticked off my To Do list for task #5!!
My kitchen is my "ground control centre"....where I do everything! From cooking and cleaning to crafting and making! No wonder it gets in a mess! My shelf area in the corner could be really beautiful, but as it serves as a dumping ground for all my "in-progress" projects, it has become crowded with craft that was a big task: Clearing and reorganising this whole area left me swomped in various piles of stuff to be reorganised....
...But with a lot of effort, I think I've managed to get this area under control again!! (Admission: all my craft supplies are now crammed in to the cupboard under the stairs, and that has been added to my project list to be reorganised....that's allowed, right??)
Because I'm in the UK, I don't get the new Cure task until late in the afternoon, when I was already knee deep in pots and pans in my kitchen (with a bit of PJ Harvey blaring out)and I was soo happy when I saw that Cure task #7 for the weekend was to sort out the kitchen!! This meant that I am now back on track with the Cure!! 
  I do find: Once you start these's hard to stop! My kitchen got soo messy in the process today, it was unthinkable not to clean and tidy it all!!
I found it quite an cathartic experience...Purging my un-wantables (Some things I didn't even know I didn't want until I started running out of floor space for piles of stuff I didn't know where to put!!)
Good riddance useless stuff!!
My cupboards where actually "not too bad" ...I thought, as I had had a rummage through them for un-perishable food items that I gave to the local food bank just before going away to Norway for Christmas! (If you are in the UK, doing the Cure, or having or planning a kitchen purge, Your local food bank will very much appreciate any donations all through the year: Find the one nearest to you here !) But after going through all my cupboards, cleaning and reorganising them, I actually had 2 1/2 bin bags full of  rubbish!!
I wont bore you with loads of pictures of my messy "before" cupboards...Lets just say that once I got rid of food stuff out of date, cracked and chipped glasses and mugs, un matching table ware and, tupper ware without any lids and a lot of things I've been hoarding over the last year (like empty soup tins???) I was left with more than enough cupboard space (unthinkable!!) to create a designated cupboard for Little Miss Moo's Crafty bits and colouring in books!!
...Just goes to show: We accumulate so much more stuff than we actually need!! I also ended up with quite a lot of stuff in my "outbox"...most of which I am already planning on taking down the charity shop (Princess Diana mugs anyone??)
It was a lot of hard work...I'm not gonna lie, but it has definitely been worth it!!
I even managed a trip to the local garden centre to pick up these gorgeous green plants (don't ask me what they are...I threw away the labels!!) for my kitchen window....AND picked up the ingredients to make a risotto for me and Mr last night!! Task complete!!
Not only am I now enjoying a morning coffee in my freshly cleaned and tidy kitchen, but I am so pleased I have finally caught up with my assignments in the january cure....(well, apart from still having to get around to making my coming next week)
And just as well I got it all done before the weekend, as we are heading into London today for Christmas celebration number 3/my birthday with the in-laws!
I am still working on my post about our renovation plans for the house, but I promise you it's coming soon!!
How are you doing with the Cure??
Got any useful tips for a hoarder like me??
I'd love it if you would share your progress with me by leaving a comment below!!
 One last thought: I love my Clean and tidy kitchen, but I cant help wondering: How long will it last??   

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