Monday, 28 October 2013

Hanging Ghost decoration...

I just wanted to quickly  share with you all how I made this hanging ghost decoration...
This may be the simplest DIY I've ever done!!

All you need is:

An Old white pillowcase (or similar)
A stick or a baton of wood
Some marbles
Some white thread
a black pen

 I used a piece of driftwood to suspend my ghosts from, but use what you have!! If you don't have any marbles, a piece of scrunched up foil would do fine..
I used white embroidery thread, but again.....use what you have!

Simply cut up your white pillowcase  (or similar) into round a marble in the centre, and use your thread to wrap the material around...leave the thread long so you can use it to attach your little ghost to your stick...
To ensure your little ghosts doesn't hang their heads, use a small piece of tape to attach the thread to their heads, like in the picture above...When your ghosts are hanging in their designated space, use a marker pen to draw on their eyes... 

There you have it...


Some cute little ghoooosts ....
Have a go...maybe the kids could do this one??

I am hoping to squeeze in one more post before Halloween, but that is it for this seasons spooky makes...however having well and truly embraced my dark side this year, I have a newfound edge to my forthcoming projects, so stay tuned!!

I hope I have inspired you to take your seasonal décor one step beyond shop bought plastic really does make a difference!!
(Although my good'ol Mr Bones is coming out of retirement tomorrow, plastic or not, he stays with us from Halloween till the new year...he's even got a special place on the Christmas tree...
I will introduce you properly in my next post!!)


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