Thursday, 5 November 2015

I'm a cover girl!

My home , all decked for Christmas, 
featured in HomeStyle magazine
Photo credit : Olly Gordon  for Homestyle magazine

How exciting...I can finally tell you all!! 
I've been featured in Homestyle magazine, and I even made the front cover of their December issue!!

I can't tell you how hard it's been to keep this a secret....
But way back in july, I had the wonderful people from Homestyle magazine around to shoot the house for their Christmas issue!
Yes...That's right: Christmas in July!!
With a tree and mince pies and all!!
To say it was a bizarre experience would be an understatement, but a thoroughly enjoyable one at that!!

But even more bizarre, was the feeling of seeing myself on the front cover of a magazine!!
And of course seeing pictures of our home in print and reading about myself....Oddly fascinating!!

Sitting in my kitchen with a cup of coffee, whilst reading about my kitchen....

I have to tell you, as odd as it feels, that t was a truly enjoyable experience having the team from HomeStyle around, and as nervous as I was on the day, having spent the week putting up all my Christmas decorations, they soon made me feel totally at ease....Although the posing for the cover shot felt utterly awkward!
I was fascinated to see how they worked, with the stylists and photographer deciding on each shot, then spending ages tweaking the frames...
I learned a lot about styling and interior photography that day, and I am still trying to incorporate these lessons when I shoot my own photo's...although not quite to Olly Gordon's levels...

In the article the focus is, as it has been here on the blog, about the creative solutions I've had to come up with to achieve the kind of home that I wanted on a budget....I even share a couple of DIY's in the magazine:

The December HomeStyle issue, with me on the cover, is now for sale in the shops, so if you'd like to see more from my Christmassy home, run and buy!!
Or you can see a little preview here!!

And you can read more about my experience of being the HomeStyle cover girl and see more pictures from my home here

I guess this means ....yep Christmas is coming, and there is no denying it now!
Expect more Christmassy stuff on the blog in the coming weeks!


Kate Whitfield said...

So ace June, congratulations!! I never would have recognised you (although I would've recognised the room - and the table!!!! :) ).

Lucie said...

Hello..I came to this blog just because I bought the Home style magazine and loved your house and decorations. Putting u now to my favorites blogs :) You inspired me a lot! Would you also tell me where did you buy your plates that I can see on the kitchen table in the magazine?

june olsen said...

Thanks Kate;)

june olsen said...

Lucie! Thank you so much! I am so pleased to have gained a new follower and that I could inspire you! The plates are from H&M home, but I don't think they sell them anymore....But these plates from Bloomingville is quite similar: xx

Alison said...

Hi June,

I have been following your blog for some time and I love the way you create a stylish home on a limited budget. I also buy the Homestyle mag every month ( such good value) so I was thrilled to see your home inside. Beautiful, light, airy and very well thought out.

june olsen said...

Hi Alison! Really nice to hear from a follower! thank you for your support and your kind words! xxx

Nadine said...

I hadn't caught this post, so was excited to realise that it was you when I was reading Home Style magazine, as I'm such a fan! Your blog has inspired many projects in my new flat and I've even started my own little blog to keep my pals updated.