Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Laura Lea Design

#Eclecticcollective pop up shop

There is something quite exciting happening in the little premises just outside Leytonstone tube station in East London...
Filled with beautiful and unique textiles, art, furniture and quirky homeware, a little shop has emerged....
But this is so much more than that...
It is the beginning of a movement:  to encourage, support and enable talent to grow in a collective environment, sharing ideas and nurturing new talent...this is the Laura Lea Design boutique! 

Laura Lea is a curator and a self proclaimed collector of all things quirky and beautiful:
"I would honestly rather have art than food"
And she founded Laura Lea Design in the summer of 2014, out of a sense of wanting to collaborate with and support new and up-and-coming artists...to build a platform for emerging British artists and talents to grow in a collective environment, sharing ideas and support each other.

She has previously worked with a range of designers and artists , from emerging talents to the big names, curating and setting up exhibitions and art shows, and this is her second pop up store.

" I am trying to create a collective- a moving, revolving collective of artists and designers who are open to each other and want to connect and share. Who want to lift each other up."

I am lucky enough to be part of this #eclectivecollective movement that Laura is spearheading with her infectious enthusiasm, as through Laura's collaboration with An Artful Life's Kate Withfield, my gilded concrete bowls are available to buy at the Design boutique.
And of course I had the pleasure of going to the opening night of the store on Saturday:

It felt really amazing to be part of such a creative group of people and to meet some of the other designers and makers ....and if Laura has set out to create a community of like-minded design enthusiasts, she has definitely succeeded in creating a great vibe, with people milling around inside and outside the shop, drink in hand, chatting away to each other and perusing the work on display.

 The store is filled to the brim with beautifully unusual home-wares, art, cards and jewelry by an eclectic range of designers and artists , sourced and handpicked by Laura and her creative associates.

Laura Lea's creative vision is evident in the collection of stock displayed:

 This is not your usual home-ware shop
"some of it is quite raw and has a punk edge"

Featuring all aspects of art and design, the collective has come together in Laura Lea's design boutique to rethink the way makers and artists work together to tell their stories and connect with the customers.
Many of the products has been made exclusively for the pop up to provide an original collection showcasing emerging trends, and providing customers with the opportunity to discover the next generation of UK design talents.

Featuring work by artits such as Angharad Jefferson, Sophie Adamson, Lorna Syson, Augusta Akerman , Archie Proudfoot, Rebecca Mason and Anna Stiles....to mention a few(???), alongside products from An Artful Life, Edge of home, East Wick, Grain and Knot,  Geo Fleur, This Way To The Circus and Espergaerde.....I could go on....
It is an unique and eclectic mix of products by a stellar line up of up-and-coming talent, carefully curated by Laura Lea.
The shop looks amazing and all the uniquely crafted work is beautifully displayed:


From neon art to soy candles, handmade lampshades to greeting cards, Laura Lea has realized her vision of an eclectic collective community of art and design.
But this is so much more than just a shop: 
Laura wants to bring the artists even closer to the customers, by providing interactive experiences every weekend, when visiting artists and designers will be on hand to discuss their work live, making bespoke pieces in the shop and hosting workshops...

A lot of Laura's handpicked designers and makers are women, and Laura is on a mission to empower them through the collective, by uniting them and supporting them:
A community of sharing and collaborating, helping each other become more successful, stronger and better. 
Look out for Laura's self penned hashtag #wearethewomen on social media to get involved!

Laura Lea may be a relatively new name on the London art scene, but with her vision and determination, definitely one to watch!

The Laura Lea Design boutique pop up will be at 

No.1 Station Forecourt
Church Lane

until 31st August.

Visit Laura's website for more information on visiting artists and designers and dates for the weekly in-house workshops!

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