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6 cute, fun and creative ideas to occupy the kids over Easter

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So, we're halfway through the Easter holidays, and maybe this is the point where some of  the charm has worn off??
You've had the lovely food, been on the day-trips out, seen the family and been to the cinema....the kids are going stir crazy with cabin fever and you've run out of ideas...

well today I am sharing 6 easy,fun and Easter-y ideas to keep the kids occupied for just a little while longer! These makes are cute enough to keep for next Easter's decorations and doesn't need a lot of supplies or skills!

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Image from Wayaiulandia

Firstly: If you haven't yet made an Easter tree with the kids, this is a great way to occupy them: Get outside for a brisk walk and pick some branches to decorate and display at home: They are traditionally decorated with colourful feathers, but why not use some brightly coloured mini pom poms, like in the image above?

Of course no Easter tree is complete without some decorated blown out eggs...See my previous post here to see how I made mine this year, or visit Yes missi for 20 more creative egg-decorating ideas, like the splattered paint effect ones pictured above.

Moving on from the Easter tree, why not make a decorative feather garland?
Use some colourful feathers and wire them on to some string, or even better: (because it will keep the kids occupied for even longer :)) Set the kids to paint some watercolour feathers , cut them out and string them up, like in the image above....Visit  I heart naptime for the full tutorial.

Or how about making these super cute bunny bowls in air-drying clay? These are bound to become a favourite Easter decoration for years to come, no? Visit Alice and Lois for the full tutorial!

Or how about this adorable yarn pom pom rabbit I found on pinterest?
All you need is some yarn to make the pom poms (If you don't know how, check out This easy tutorial) , some glue and some card or felt to make the ears with!

And if you get a slightly failed pom pom, or you get one spare(?) why not stick a piece of double sided tape to it and go to sugar and cloth to download this free printable "pin the tail on the bunny" image, for some fun for the littlest ones??

I hope these suggestions will go some way towards combating the kids boredom over the rest of the Easter holidays...
Just remember: Relax and enjoy....they're only little once!!

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