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Having the right tools for the job is essential for any DIY project!
Now, I'm lucky, as after years working in the British film industry as a mould maker, I have an extensive collection of tools:

This is my tool box, and yes: My tools are well used and look horrible, but this is also just the top of the iceberg, as I have a whole shed full!!

Now that I've shared that slightly off putting image with you all, I must stress that I probably have an excessive amount of tools ....
....and today I want to share with you all which tools I'm always using....the ones that I pretty much always have out for impromptu DIY sessions and various makes:


The reason I thought I'd share this with you all today, is that I want to not only inspire you to get more creative with your interiors, but also set you up for a doing a good job.
And it would really help you out if you already had a basic set of tools in your home... that way You can crack on whenever inspiration takes you!!

Invest in some dust masks, latex/rubber gloves and protective eye wear ....and maybe even some ear defenders! Keeping all these to hand will make it easier for you to NOT skip on health and safety!
Dress appropriately for the job in hand!

First, let's talk DIY....home improvement DIY!
From hanging a picture to resurfacing your work tops:

You will definitely benefit from owning both a drill (Yes, mine's really seen better days :()) and a palm sander!
 Of course you'll also need a selection of drill bits and sandpaper to hand with these!
But these two will be a great investment, if you don't already own them, as they are useful for almost all sorts of projects, little and large!

I would've included a jig saw in the top 3, but as this is a very basic list of MUST HAVE tools, I've left it out .... but if you're keen to get making and DIYing for your home, this may be very useful as well!!

Here are my list of must have hand held tools:
A wood saw (unless you've got a jig saw...lucky you!!)
Screwdrivers, both phillips (that's the + ones) and slots...One big and one small of each should fit most jobs!
Pliers, one Big flat nosed one and a smaller pointed one for those fiddly little jobs!
Measuring tape. ESSENTIAL!!
Cutters/snippers....for those jobs when scissors just won't do!
A chisel. This is very useful when you need to remove anything old and cakey (You'll know what I mean when you get there!!)
A hammer...this one is NOT just for nails, but sometimes you just need to give something a good old whack!! (Just not you husband, no matter how annoying he can be!!)
Stanley knife...just soooo useful!!

Other things that may come in handy on a regular basis is a spirit level and a selection of paint brushes.
Buy the best that you can afford and look after them! See how in this post! But sometimes the cheap disposable ones can be handy as well!
There's a type of brush for every project....I have a whole box full

Here's a few of my favorites:
 "Normal" 2" paint brush, 1/2 inch brush, both for decorating and furniture painting!
big soft bristle brush (for gilding etc.)
  sponge brush for applying glue evenly,
 Various flat and pointed art brushes, for the little, awkward to get to spaces (IE: around an electrical socket on a wall) or just for art!!
Wide flat surface brush for stippling and stenciling! 

Like I said: I have a whole box full, and in my opinion you can never have too many: Pick them up whenever you see them on offer....those children's art sets are also great value for money!!

For your  interior decorating,; Painting the walls etc I would recommend that you also stock up on  paint rollers and trays in various sizes! And you'll save your back if you invest in an extension rod for the rollers as well!!

And let's not forget to protect your surroundings when painting or sanding: Always keep some dust sheets and masking tape handy!

Now, moving on to those smaller projects you may find yourself inspired to do around the house, from repairing that broken list on the stairs to making that lovely candlestick you saw on pinterest...
These two are top on any DIY'ers tool list:

A glue gun and a heavy duty staple gun!!

Other things that come to mind after mentioning these two, is to 
keep a good selection of tapes: Gaffer tape, double sided tape and parcel tape are some of the ones I use most frequently (aside from masking tape and clear tape of course)
And a selection of glues: Super glue, craft glue, PVA and Glue sticks are always good to have in the house....but I also love using re-positionable spray glue when I do paper crafting:

Other things I consider a MUST HAVE , apart from pencils and pens, for paper crafting (but that is also useful for other projects) are:
A cutting mat (to protect the work surface)
A metal ruler
A scalpel or precision knife
and a good selection of scissors (I love using hair scissors for cutting details into paper) are always useful for any types of DIY, including sewing and textiles:

I would love to have a great big sewing machine with all the bells and whistles, but until I can afford one my little Mini one will do just fine for my basic sewing needs, like making cushions and hemming curtains.... Of course a set of needles and a variety of threads are a must for any hand sewing . I also keep a set of scissors especially for cutting fabrics with, and I am always using my Dylon fabric pens when doing any jobs using materials...And a measuring tape is useful not just for sewing, but for all sorts of things!!

Lastly, I want to mention craft paints and pens!
I keep lots of pens and pencils in a drawer in the kitchen, but the most useful are the marker pens!
I pick them up in all sorts of colors whenever I see them on offer!
I also have a big box of acrylic paints that are very useful when I am feeling a bit arty!!

Now chances are that yo'll at least have some of these things already, but don't be tempted to rush out (??) and buy every tool and kit I've just mentioned....As you get into DIY-ing and making things for your home, you'll naturally start accumulating the kit that YOU need!
And chances are that there will be things that I've not thought to mention here that you will need one day....just try to take my advice from This Post  and plan ahead before you embark on a DIY project, so that you can get everything you need in advance. Because there is nothing worse than getting halfway through the job, then realizing you'll need to stop to go out to buy something you've forgotten you'd need!!

This week I will not be posting any DIY tutorials, as I am busy working on an art commission and making some more concrete bowls , but I will instead be telling you about one of those people that have inspired me the most to get making and DIY' ing for my home!
So pop back at the weekend for that: You don't want to miss this one!!

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