Tuesday, 11 November 2014


...with Nostalgiecat??
OK! So I'm taking a break!
A pause to catch my breath, if you like!
I have not been feeling right for some time now, feeling low and uninspired! And on a personal level, this has been a very tough year for me!
I hope it hasn't shown here on the blog!
Sometimes it's important to stop, and just re-group your thoughts...
So, I've decided to give myself a 2 week break from my DIY projects...and just spend the next couple of weeks finding my mojo again!
I will be doing some essential updates to the site , but more importantly I will be concentrating on feeding my soul with inspiration...especially as Christmas (There..I said it....the C-word...in November!!) is lurking around the corner!! 
But don't worry: I will be sharing any inspiration along the way...posts may be a bit sporadic over the next couple of weeks, but if you'd like to keep up with my inspirational journey, why not follow along on instagram , where I post little snapshots of my personal and creative life...
Or you can check out my pinterest profile to see what inspires me on the web!
Another place I post and re-post inspirations and useful links for the interior/design obsessed is facebook!
And if you'd like to get involved, and "chat" with me about anything, why not connect with me on  twitter!
Here's a little update on what's been happening in the last week:

When I was in Norway, I was working on a collaboration with Nordic Design, an award winning nordic inspired interior design/lifestyle online magazine based in Canada, for their annual Christmas magazine!
The lovely Catherine Lazure-Guinard, founder of this design-savvy resource of Scandinavian inspired interiors asked me to compile some must do Christmassy projects from the www....
....and I was more than happy to oblige!!
See the full inspirational Christmas magazine here ...read my interview and see my top Christmas DIY projects from page 55.

Another thing that happened this week , is that I was featured on none-other that the interior genius Abigail Ahern's blog for her new weekly column #MYBIZSTORY....I adore Abigail, not just because she stands out from the crowd in the interior design world with her unique approach to using colour in her designs and her artful arrangements, but also because she is pro-actively using her "heavy-weight" status in the industry to promote up and coming talents....So I was soooo proud to kick off her new column telling her about Nostalgiecat and my new range of Concrete home accessories for An Artful Life...You can read my full interview here
Last but not least:
I really didn't think I would go for yet another award this year, but it seems someone (Thank you whoever you are!!) has put Nostalgiecat up for the national blog awards....so here we go again!! I know you are all probably sick and tired of me toting for your votes, but if you do have a spare minute, I sure would appreciate it!!

Although I've not been victorious in any of the other blog awards so far this year...it has given me so much to know that I have your support..... and getting to go to these events has gotten me out of my lonely little blogging bubble and given me a chance to meet some amazingly inspiring people....and I've made some great new blogging buddies!!

You can give me your vote here

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