Friday, 28 November 2014

Advent stars...

As advent is almost upon us, and the count down to Christmas begins, most people start decorating their homes for the holidays, to set the mood for the festive season.
Here in the UK people decorate their Christmas tree early in December, but in Norway the tree traditionally doesn't go up until the 23rd, "Little Christmas eve" advent decorations are a bit different....and it's all about bringing light into the winter's all about the STAR!!

Everyone hangs lit up stars in their windows, as a symbol of light...a beacon to guide you home in the dark!

So today I wanted to share some images I've found on the www. of typical Scandinavian Advent stars. They are so decorative, in a simplistic and modern way...

Image by Anna Malin of Helt Enkelt

Photo by Cathrine Aarsland via trettien

Image from Bodie and Fou

Image from Fleur and Stitch

Image from Elisabeth Heier
Image via

Image from Tine K home

If you like the look of these Scandinavian Advent stars, you can find similar ones at Bodie and Fou , IKEA and Clas Ohlson....Or you can pop back here next week when I am sharing 2 different DIY Paper star tutorials....


Mairi said...

Very pretty - I like how there are so many different styles, shapes, sizes etc. It's really creative :) Looking forward to the DIY!

june olsen said...

They are lovely aren't they Mairi!!
I want to fill my house with them!! xx