Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The day I became an "artist"...

This is the story of how I became an "artist"...

It all started on Valentines day!
Mr had been shopping for a romantic gift for me, in a local art shop, Art at 88..
He had chosen a beautiful fused glass red!

How sweet, I hear you all say!
After 8 years of marriage , you'd think he knew??

Normally I would've probably smiled sweetly, thanked him and shoved it in a drawer, and reminded my self that it's the thought that counts!
How-ever....having just spent best part of January de-cluttering and purging the house of un-wantables , whilst doing The January cure...I was determined not to start filling it with more stuff I didn't really want....
So here's the bit where you are all going to think that I am a wicked cow:
I took it back to the shop and exchanged it for something not red!!

The lady in the shop was shocked: How could I?? "He spent ages choosing that!"
I felt a twinge of guilt!...But it soon passed as I chatted away to the owner of the shop, Jenni...

I tentatively asked where they got all their marvellous art from, and Jenni told me that people would send them an e-mail with pictures of their makes, and that they would contact them if interested....

Courage failed me at the time, but I took their card and later that evening I sent them an e-mail with loads of pictures of my makes....

So that's how it all started....

...turns out they were interested in my concrete work....

Those of you who are "regulars" here at Nostalgiecat will know by now that Concrete is one of my favourite materials to work with...I just love it! (See my other concrete projects, such as my concrete stool , concrete and gold planters and tealight votives and concrete lampshade )
And I had just recently started experimenting with folding origami shapes to use as moulds to cast up in that really suited me fine!

You may even say: It was meant to be!!


I'd also been playing around with the idea of making bowls out of concrete, and trying to push the material to its limits with regards to the thickness....and then gold-leafing the insides of the bowl....

I made some samples and took them in to the shop the following week, and met the other half of Art at 88, Malcolm.  He really liked the bowls, and thought that my origami shaped candlesticks had a masculine appeal...Whilst I was there the telephone rang, and Malcolm politely told the person on the other end of the phone that he would call back, as he was currently "with an artist"...AN ARTIST?? ...ME?? I can honestly say: That made my day!! 
So off I went with an order for more stuff to make....practically skipping down the road with excitement!!

Just over 2 weeks , and a garden full of concrete mess, later, I finally brought my finished collection into the shop last Sunday!

Malcolm and Jenni started Art at 88 in 2011 to showcase work by local artists as well as their own art: Malcolm Gorrie is a fused glass artist (I think he probably made my original valentines gift....ahem!!) and Jenni Cator works in pastels.. They've created a thriving art-space selling affordable and original art.
I am very excited to now have my collection of concrete home accessories for sale in their shop!

So this is the new venture I've been hinting at in the last few weeks, and I can now reveal my collection of concrete home accessories, exclusively for sale at Art at 88 in Berkhamstead:

This morning I visited the shop to take some pictures of my stuff in there...

...and was delighted to see my concrete bowls, with gold or copper leaves , along with other local artists work, on display as soon as I walked in!

And my origami concrete candlesticks , although not in such a prominent position in the shop, stood out for being so different from the rest of the shops handmade merchandise...

I hope "the ladies who lunch" of Berkhamstead are ready for my concrete home accessories, and that Malcolm and Jenni has luck in selling my collection!

In the mean time, I will bask in the glory of now being an "artist"!
(Still makes me smile....)

Just goes to show: You never know what life's got in store for you!
(And if you don't don't get!)



Flora said...

Fantastic June, that's how these things snowball... first a few things in the local shop, where it leads next - who knows! I think it all looks fabulous, but the concrete bowls with the gold and copper leaf are the show-stealers, I can really see those being popular.

F x

june olsen said...

Hey Flo! Thanks! Maybe I could become the "concrete" girl!! LOL!!

Alexis Middleton said...

I missed this post before. I need one of your gold leafed bowls. Amazing!