Wednesday, 12 March 2014

My bedroom wish list...My guide to Shopping for Scandinavian design

...And where to shop for Scandinavian Design!!

On my wish list: Wicker cone chair with curly sheep skin from Cox&Cox

There is no stopping me now!
My decorating marathon is like a run-away freight train...
So with the hallway pretty much done, I am now turning my attention to our bedroom makeover..

We are expecting our new built in wardrobes to be installed very soon, so I am spending this week preparing the room: Making a start on the paint job and planning our wood-panelled wall....and more!

We are going for a Scandinavian look, with shades of grey and white.

Like I said in my previous post, decorating has sparked a "desire to shop" in me...(ME...I NEVER shop....I make?? what's happening??)
I blame it on all those wonderful and inspiring pictures from interior design enthusiasts from Norway on Instagram...That simple Scandinavian style with it's clean white walls and mid century inspired furniture has got my heart beating!!

Scandinavian design is very "now"...Brands like House doctor, Bloomingville, Madame Stoltz, Ferm living and Hay design (to mention a few)all capture the simplicity and functionality of traditional Scandinavian design in a modern way: The look consists of  a neutral palette with shots of colour...Pale wood, concrete and copper...geometric shapes, and textured soft furnishings inspired by nature...

I love this Rug from House Doctor...

Even some of the more accessible, in terms of price, high-street and mail order shops in Scandinavia is bursting with  functional , yet beautiful design for the home...
...Of course you have IKEA- the "mother of cheap and functional design" but I have also recently discovered that H&M's home ware range is bang on trend and reasonably priced, and a great place to get those little accessories that make a house a home... But my favourite Scandinavian shop  for low-cost home ware and accessories has got to be ELLOS, a mail order company that has been around since I was a little girl...
 Unfortunately Ellos is unavailable here in the UK....

I have put together this "Look book" of products from the Scandinavian shops mentioned above that I would like for our new bedroom:

 1 Cotton rug from H&M home
2 Copper candle stick from H&M home
3 Sheer geometric curtains from ELLOS
4 Light chain from ELLOS
5 & 7 Geometric copper wire window lights from ELLOS
6 Grey linen curtains from ELLOS
8 White and grey zig zag bedspread from ELLOS

Fortunately for me, I have a very kind mother that lives in Norway, and has ordered me everything on my wishlist above and is bringing it to the UK later this month...
Lucky me!!
Takk Mamma!

But don't despair if you love Scandinavian design and live in the UK, most of the Design companies mentioned above will have UK stockists (click on the links)
I see more and more Scandinavian design influences in home-ware here in the UK as well...
Habitat has a definite Scandinavian feel to most of their design and the online shop Cox&Cox has the Scandinavian trend spot on with their current collection.
Even Sainsburys has got in on the trend with their Nordic folk collection ...

This Concrete topped stool from Cox&Cox is top of my unattainable wish list for our new look bedroom....

But because it is out of my budget, I have decided to DIY one...
So watch this space...tutorial coming soon!

I am really itching to get started on the bedroom now...
Time to dig out the paint and brushes again...

What do you think of my bedroom look-book?
Do you like Scandinavian design in your home?
Have I missed any retailers of Scandi-inspired home ware worth mentioning?
Let me know by leaving a comment below!


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