Monday, 17 June 2013

Happy Monday.....


Little miss Moo's birthday party.....

So, yesterday was D-day.....Little Miss Moo's big birthday party!!!
After weeks of planning and preparing, it turned out to be huge success... 
.....with the decorations ready, the entertainer booked, food, nibbles and cake bought in, my homemade party bags filled and a load of balloons at the ready....we headed down to the hall about half an hour before party start..... was a manic half an hour: decorating the hall with my homemade supersize bunting and blowing up balloons until we were blue in the face....... putting out the nibbles and getting the tea's and coffee's ready for the mums and dads.....

But after greeting all our guests, the excellent entertainer from Froggle parties kept the children mesmerised for over an hour....and we could stand back and relax and enjoy the party.....
Nearly 30 children had a great time watching Isobel Froggle fooling around doing magic and blowing up balloons....she had them dancing and playing some funny party games....
....worth their weight in gold, entertainers....I'm telling you!!
The parents got tea and coffee and homemade Norwegian waffles (thanks mum)....
When the entertainer was finished knackering the children out, there was just enough time to for them all to sit down and have some snacks and juice....
Everybody went home happy with a party bag filled with goodies.....
The hall looked great...unfortunately I didn't find the time to take any pictures before the children arrived, and as I don't want to post any pictures of other parents children, these images have been cropped out of the pictures my dad took ,so they are not great.....sorry!
I am so happy that Little miss Moo's party went off without a hitch .....and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves....and most importantly: It was a party I'm sure Little Miss Moo will never forget!!!
Here's my top tips of how to arrange a (nearly)stress free children's Party:
# Put the effort in!
 The small touches will make all the difference!!
# Prepare, Prepare, Prepare
The earlier you get organised the better.
# Keep it simple and short
2-3 hours is plenty of time for little ones.
# Arrange to have your party just after lunch,
 so you don't have to worry about serving food!
# If your budget allows: Hire an entertainer,
well worth it!!!!
# Take care of the parents:
 Try to have a chat with everybody, and make sure to top up their cups!
As much as I enjoyed Little Miss Moo's Party, I am so happy it is over and its a whole year until next time........Read: knackered!
As last week was so hectic, I've decided to give myself a break this week.... on Wednesday I will simply be posting some arty stills from around our home, and for Saturday's DIY tutorial I have a very simple and quick project in mind....
I hope you will pop by later to check it out!!


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