Thursday, 7 May 2015


Mia's NEW Room
So six weeks ago, I decided to take part in the One Room Challenge, set by Linda from Calling it home as a linking participant.
I've been doing up my five year old daughter, Mia's room, and you can see the entire process from inspiration to design concept ,through my little and large projects and processes to, finally today, the reveal of the final result, by clicking on the thumbnails in my sidebar---->

I love a challenge, and have really enjoyed this project, as it has been so much fun to do together with Mia, who has been very involved right from the start.
On a very limited budget ,we've had to come up with some creative solutions to get the look that she wanted!

So from sugary pink to fun and modern, we've totally transformed her room.
You can see what the room used to look like HERE.
I must warn you: This is a very picture heavy post, but here it finally is:
Mia's new look Room:

The previously pink and purple walls was repainted in a peachy pink (Crown honey fever) and a pale grey (Crown seldom seen)...

And integral to the look she wanted, Me and Mia made a whole bunch of funny cushions to fill her bed with..

....and filled her wall with art !

I planned to get some new storage for this corner wall:

But I never found anything suitable, so the old shelves went back up again (for now).
But we updated this corner by getting this new star night light from IKEA, that I spraypainted black...

And I also made this cool little moon phase wallhanging, above.

Mia's kept her rabbit light, which I love and was one of the first things I bought for her after she was born! You can find similar here.

Behind the door,We've tucked in a few Ribba picture ledges from IKEA, ideal to keep her books on, now that her reading is coming along so well...and this also freed up her underbed storage for other toys...

And having this entire wall painted in blackboard paint is conducive of creativity:

Some details:

I made this Origami lampshade for here ceiling light, see how in my tutorial here.

And of course the Potato printed feature wall, inspired by the half moon wallpaper from Ferm Living makes a real statement, and was integral to our original design concept.
The MIA letters we already had from Mia's baby room, I just gave them a lick of paint to fit in with her new colour scheme. The artwork is a DIY picmonkey job!

And another little detail is the pom pom garland I made...

The curtains are actually made from a cheap bedding set I found in Primark, and is perfect in the colours. I find it very expensive to buy material, so I figured I'd just cut a duvet cover in half and sew it up as curtains, which has worked very well.

We created this little creative corner for Mia, with a DIY fold down, wall mounted desk, painted with blackboard paint at the front for impromptu creativity!

...meaning we could make use of the floorspace underneath for storage.
Notice the bracket on the wall underneath the desk.... hinges out from the wall to create some additional support when the desk is folded down.
The stool is an upcycled charity shop find, and doubles up as a bedside table.

This area is now perfect for Mia to sit and do her drawing or homework...

With built in shelves for storing pens and colouring in books....

...even a roll of drawing paper. 
Those cute storage jam jars are from Rose and Grey, and are perfect for storing colouring
pencils and hama beads etc...
I made Mia's desk using plywood, then painted the inside shelves in colours matching our design concept.
You can find the plans on how to make your own on the amazing Ana White website.

I've attached a clip on light from IKEA to the shelf above the desk for some task light..
....the fun House cork board is from H&M

And along the wall to the side of the desk I've hung an IKEA PS wall rail system with hooks, a mirror and a handy cup for storing chalk for Mia's chalk board wall ....or to use for water should she fancy doing some painting.

Mia couldn't wait to try out her new desk....

 and got straight to work creating some hamabeads suncatchers for her window:

Which adds the perfect finishing touch to her new and creative room!

So that's it!
I'm pretty sure this room will be thoroughly enjoyed by Mia....and will probably not stay this tidy for long...LOL, but as with any room in our house, it is now grown-up enough, in a fun way, to evolve with her as she gets older...
And Mia loves that it's all to her own design...with a little nudging help from mum!!

So what do you think of Mia's new room??
Would you go for a potato printed wall in your home?
Do you love that wall mounted fold down desk?

Do make sure you check out what the PRO's did for their One Room challenge....find the links here...and also visit the Calling it home ORC link up to check out more fabulous room makeover by the other linking participants.


Karen Knox said...

I love this. Lovely colour combination. The potato print wall is genius! Bookmarked.

Incase you don't already have them (you probably do) try the anti dust chalks for your chalkboard wall. We have a little chalk board area for our son and that dust gets everywhere.

Anne Charriere said...

Mia must be happy, she is a lucky girl.
Wow.. so much work! Congratulations, I love what you did in this room!

Sabrina @ Pink Little Notebook said...

What an adorable space! I love all the details and that feature wall is incredible! Way to go!!

Camila@EffortlessStyle said...

Beautiful! Love the color combo and I'm obsessed with the massive M print. Lucky Mia!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

I love this room, so petty and such soft and perfect color combinations. That chalkboard wall is just the neatest thing. I can envision so many fantastic paintings on it.

Unknown said...

So fresh and whimsical!! Well done!!

mollie's mom said...

So cute - everything is fantastic top to bottom!!

mollie's mom said...

So cute - everything is fantastic top to bottom!!

Songthatdoesntend said...

Go Mia!! The room looks totally like an art fresh and beckons you to come and create. at the same time, it is peaceful, fit for a child. I cannot show my daughter those cushions or she might become jealous:-). I would love one for

Josie said...

A perfect room, just a few 'girly' touches and very funky! Love it x

Erin @ the-organized-life said...

What a great room for you daughter. I just love that she was able to help with all the little aspects of the room (aren't perler beads the best?) Great job!

Brittany @ white dog vintage said...

This room steals my heart! I love every touch! It's SO stylish, livable, and perfectly girly. Smashing job! I can't help but smile at this space.

Kourtney said...

I love all of it! Your little girl is lucky lucky!

june olsen said...

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments guys! And thanks for the tip about the dust free chalks Karen Knox!! <3 xx June

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I adore Mia's room. If I had known about potato printing when my daughter way young, I would definitely do it. I actually thought it was wallpaper. I never would have known you had a tight budget. The room is fantastic and even better that your daughter had a lot of say in the matter. Happy Mothers Day.


Such a cute room! Great job!

Decor To Adore said...

What an amazing transformation! A true job well done. I adore the color palette you selected. It feels fresh and fun. The six weeks went by so fast. I completed our entry, living and dining areas in a new to us 30 year old house. So, cheers to us! Have a wonderful weekend.

Vel Criste said...

Absolutely adorable room for Mia! Love the gallery wall and your pillow collection! Definitely chic and cool for this little lady! Great job June!

Kho sàn gỗ HCM said...

Nice post, beautiful house - san go

june olsen said...

Thank you Vel Christie and San Go, Lind and Cherry Hart and Decor to adore!So nice to get all this positive feedback!! :)

sàn gỗ ngoài trời said...

this post is very good, thank you

Sàn Gỗ Công Nghiệp HCM said...

wow , beautiful room - san nhua

congtysango said...

I adore the color palette you selected. It feels fresh and fun.

sangochiunuoc said...

I actually thought it was wallpaper. I never would have known you had a tight budget.

jancowood said...

Congratulations, I love what you did in this room! May be I should learn, 555

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